how is it thanksgiving next week?!

Dear family,
My companion, Sister Stevenson, is leaving me and going back to the mainland America on Monday.  it's so weird.  She's just ending her mission and I feel I'm just beginning.  It's sad but I feel so grateful I have been able to spend so much time with her and learn from the best ;0.
I love my area Nakano.  People are really starting to feel like my friends I've had forever.  I love serving everyday.  It doesn't feel like work, except being tired at the end of the day.  I want to live this way for the rest of my life and when you help someone else too your problems seem so small. 
I got this really strong feeling on Sunday at church as I was watching the Primary kids program that I really am surrounded by pioneers.  People of great faith.  Literally some of the nicest people in the world. 
One of our sweet friends, Kyori-san got baptized this week. She said she doesn't understand everything but she just gets such a warm feeling around church members and knows that the gospel will help strengthen her family.  I love Japanese people so much!  I don't feel afraid of transfers anymore because I know any area I go there will be Japanese people there.  They are the most thoughtful people ever.
We also made some pot stickers with our friends, Jun-kun and theNihonjeen elders. I think he will be baptized in December.  We put bananas and chocolate inside.  So much fun!
I had this terrible dream last week that I was carrying around a delicious plate of crepes with all these great toppings on top.  The worst part was, I woke up before I could even take a bite.  It was horrible!  I woke up and thought "I don't want my mission or my life to ever be this way".  I know I have something good right here.  But I don't just want to carry around experiences.  I want to internalize them and use them. 
 I was thinking it's just like Jesus Christ's perfect  atonement too---  We have been given this awesome gift.  Christ suffered for us so we wouldn't have to suffer.  We have the chance every single day to be a better person.  No matter how many times we mess up, God still loves us just the same as he did before we made the mistake.  But if we don't USE the atonement and invite Christ into our lives, it's just like having this delicious plate of crepes right in your hands and never taking a bite.  
So if you haven't already, just ask Christ for help for whatever it is you need help with.  I am working on a lot of things right now, but if there is anything I've learned so far, it is that Christ wants us to succeed, and will support us all the way in whatever endeavor we pursue. 
The days have been passing so quickly lately its scary.  I read this great thing this week and it's true. 
"Good things just keep coming.  As long as you let them.  Voids fill with new and amazing people and experiences you never imagined.  Moving on doesn't mean forgetting, it means opening our hearts to new experiences and happiness.  Change is the Lord's way.  He wants us to be happy and growing to be excited to move on with our lives.  Good thing are undoubtedly on their way"
I'm so sad to say goodbye to my companion this week I love her so much. But there are good things on the way! Always!
 (Oct. 2012 Ensign Rush)
I love you all sooooooo much.  I AM SO EXCITED TO BE AN AUNTIE TOMORROW!!!!  Praying for the safe arrival of baby Chai!
hugs and kisses

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