dear awesome family

Dear beloved sweet family,
I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! It is seriously so exhausting and every night I pass out instantly but I have never felt like my life has more purpose and that things are so clear.  When you live the gospel and follow Jesus Christs example life just goes better.
  This week we sat down with two people and they asked "what is your conviction?" or how are you so sure that all this is true?  And how when you face so much rejection can you still have hope?"
And my simple testimony is that God will never let us be permanently unhappy.  He loves us too much.   And that all things even hard ones will pass quickly from us and will in the end be for our good.
This week during our morning exercise, I pet a dog named George Bush.  Japanese people are hilarious, I'm pretty sure the owner didn't really know much about the United States or Bush's policies but I found it so cute. The dog went by just Bush for short.   One of my favorite ways to contact people is through their animals or children.  I love striking up a conversation with someone on the train or on the street with a common love for four legged friends.  On the train yesterday a lady was transporting her dog to the vet and I thought it would be funny to review my photo album with her and the dog.  I showed the dog photos of Ruby and Nola and the dog was sniffing each photo, nose pressed to the album, it was very cute and the lady seemed to love it too. 
The mission is so fun!  Just chatting and making friends with everyone.
One of the funnest things we did this week was teach a family of little girls inAdachi, the Kato family. Kato-san is such a kind loving mother. She is from Thailand and her husband is Japanese.  When we arrived at the family's house, we turned to go to her apartment, but instead she hooked a right and went UNDER the stairs. 
It was such a blast. We had our lesson under the stairs outside like Harry Potter.  I loved it. Little cement picnic all huddled under the stairs just chatting and snacking and talking about Jesus Christ. The angel little girls were having trouble sitting still but I tried to talk to them like Sol and told them that Jesus knows all the answers and can help them with anything.  I hid things around where we were sitting and had them close their eyes so they couldn't find them.  At the end of the small lesson the little girl Mi-chan, who is four years old said that Jesus is her Best Friend.  The mother was just such a great mother. I love parents who cater to their kids, like having company next to the bike racks.  Kids just need to have little get-aways like that little club house, I think.   
I love children.  They have no problem believing.  They don't need to see something to believe it's true.  They can use their imaginations.  I wish everyone was more like that. When we grow up, we just forget how to believe.   I'm so thankful for Coco and Sol who taught me so much about loving openly and freely. 
When we left their home/stairs the little girl, Mi-chan,  came running down the street after us and just crying.  I wanted to run back and scoop her up.  But 1.)   we can't hold kids as missionaries and 2.)  we were running late for our train.     Zanen !
Also this Sunday we taught a lady named Haruka.  She wants to be baptized but worries so much that she is imperfect.  I told her that's the whole reason why we have Jesus Christ is because EVERYONE is imperfect.  She said she felt so good during our time together and so did I.  I know God is using us to do his work.
Japanese is getting so much better. I don't know how but sometimes even words I've never studied before like architect or random things somehow I will just know what it means.  It's very weird but at the same time very cool.  I know I'm receiving so much help from Heavenly Father. 
I love working in Nakano.  We celebrated Elder Willards' birthday this week at the mission home.  We had pizza and made him give a speech.  He seriously seems 20 going on 40.  The mission really matures the elders, I feel.  Especially WIllardo Chorro.  We secretly call him Papa because he is always driving the mission van around and being extremely responsible for everyone. 
Okay, well, it was a wonderful week and I love and hope everyone is happy and healthy at home. 
hugs and kisses

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