ive got this yearning burning feelin inside me

I'm yearning to travel

I woke up this morning and all I can think about is how I must get to the nearest airport and beyond.  The smell of coffee grinds, the hustle and bustle, lines of strangers dragging along their bare necessities.  Millions coming, millions going, for weddings, for emergencies, for births, deaths, vacations, reunions. All different kinds of people layered in traveling clothes, the outside air still clinging to their jackets. Everyone a walking mystery, everyone in pursuit of new ground.   I love the spirit of the airport.

Yesterday I was sitting in traffic and I saw flying above me a white seagull drifting against the ashy clouds.  He flew with me for awhile and then veered off to the left and I had to go straight.  I wished I could follow him but more than anything in the world I just wanted to be him.

Grateful its the 21st century and I can.


Meagan said...

fly to visit me!

escalatorsescalarscalawags said...

i got da same feeva feve. if babies aren't allowed soon to be toted on stewardess' backs, i may just become a pirate.

Matt said...

name the place. lets go!