toothbrush hair

I fell head over heels in love today with a  little pink pig Bitzy. She had whitish hair all over her body that felt bristly like a worn out toothbrush and she had a little rope tail that would not stop waging.

We coaxed her over and I started scratching behind her ears just like my dogs like and then suddenly her pink body went limp and she plopps down on the ground, and started doing this whimpering sound. In that instant we were both in heaven.

Animals and children are my idols. Every creature is born with an insatiable need to love and to be loved.  One of my good friends told me that when this need isnt fulfilled, people fill that void with something else, sometimes stuff that hurts them.

Sometimes with planning my life I get stuck in the clouds and forget to shimmy on down to the beautiful life m living right now.  Sol and Coco keep me in check.  Its good to have friends like this too, who can call us down from our worries and just remind us that were here to be happy.

Coco was being such a drama queen. She kept lying down in the middle of the road. I love that about children,  they can do whatever they want whenever they feel like it and theyre spared weird looks and questioning. Sometimes its good to do things just because we feel like it. I love what Dr. Suess says,

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

Note 2 self:  LIVE ON A FARM, or atleast have a spacious yard that a pig could be happy in.  

love love love life 


Christine Allegra said...


this just made my day.
I love the feeling of
you and your life. I need to spend another day with you.

I especially love the part about
how me need love.
all of us.
your wonderful and i love reading all this.
ps. i hope you have a pig someday.

Brooke Self said...

Hi hi hi, soo adorable and cute you guys are! Love Coco lying in the road. My favorite part. You are an excellent videographer my dear! I want to make movies toooo! Ps. Come to CUNY!! I went to an info meeting Tues. night and it was so great. You do video, audio, and writing. It is awesome and way hands on. Okay, I feel off topic, another great blog post! Woo!