Watching the fireworks dance in the sky the other night
words were dancing in my head 
Happy  bday America!

Potato salad watermelon
bright sparks ripping the still sky to smoke 
Anything is possible
what a miracle life can be
laughter and lawnchairs
there is only now
Young boys shuffle their feet
running. skidding. leaving marks on the street
explosions of light
sonic booms
war is that you?
just a war zone of color
just a nation of neighbors 
waving flags red white and blue
Crisp air, solid ground.
fire in ice
fire is nice
Were not running out of time.
wake up youth 
beauty transpires
Light the fuse
take a chance
it will all be over tomorrow
lets dance!
barbecues in backyards
take the day off
if you want to sing out, sing out!
let it rattle 
let it ring
let it launch 
into the sky like hope 
rain down on us like pearls
Ashes to ashes 
dust to dust
Give life a chance
let it rise boom and flash 
like the rest of this stuff


Meagan said...

Marni you look fabulous! I love your outfit and your raven's wing black hair ... can't wait to see you this summer! :)

Brooke Self said...

Hi You-were-born-to-write!
Great post. Please keep writing and loving. Can't wait til you make some sort of trip to the East Coast! And hey, how is that dance vid coming along? :) Brooke

Cody said...

I really just have one thought.

I love reading your blog.