where the wild things are

This quite possibly doubbles as the most hideous/halrious work of art Ive ever done.
We entered this edible book contest last week and thought it was going to be a piece of cake.

After dropping 20 thou on ingredients, and 6 embarresing hours later..... we were pulling chairs into the kitchen we were so fatigued of being cake bosses.

An arial view. Note the singed marshmellow forest. My creature looks like hes slaying the little blue creature. Hopfully we dont get disqualified for using leaves, I will be furious.

A comment was made when it was nearly 1 am when my brother in law came in to the kitchen he goes, "you guys dont mess around". He was right. hours later, all we had to show for ourselves were burnt marshmellows and sagging pretzel arms.

Atleast Max looks somewhat recongnizable.

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Brooke Self said...

You guys definitely look like you showed that cake who's 'boss'
I love it! Such creativity marni lou! You always inspire me.