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This is a short tribute to my niece and nephew who have taught me how much the heart can really love. These little people are the most precious to me in the world. Solie turns 3 this week, I always tell people the day he was born was the happiest of my life. Next week Cocobean will be 1! Were planning a Never Land Birthday party for them, so we took some birthday shots on the beach.

Love is poweful. I wish I could get a degree in it. I don't wanna just talk about it, I want to be really really good at it. Good at it because I think its the strongest super power we can have without being a superpower. Some people are easy to love, others are not, and some don't want it at all. But Im convinced like air we all need it.

Maya is in town for about a month and already has more friends than me in the short amount of time shes been here :)

We roasted smores on the beach and did some Thai Chi.

Im not sure why but I was bragging last week to everyone in my art class that Hyrum and me won in the cake contest for the "most funniest cake," which if you saw is so hideous we almost entered annonomously. But the funniest part about all of that is that, we entered the Children's category not the funniest. We didnt know what to with our award winning wild things cake. We were going to throwing it off a building or bridge or watching it get run over but instead we carried the cake around Laie and decided we were too nice to throw it at anyone. Finally we called Dillan because hes a mutal friend and can take a joke, and plotted to throw the cake at him when he least expected it.
After the cake throwing, next thing I knew it was being eaten off the road. (take note of the chunks of yellow cake)

My Grandmas been living in heaven for 3 months now. I miss her everyday but strangely I feel closer to her then ever. It was hard to make sense of her moving there at first. Its like as if someone was to tell you" the sky is no longer blue, from now on its purple". A world without her, is just a world I never knew. But I know I will see her again.

I love my roommate family this semester. I was nervous because I was the new person this semeester, but they are all like sisters to me. We always have Sunday dinner together, which I love.
Also Dillan is obsessed with making pizza. This one is a deep dish crust or something. It works out perfect because I love eating cheese and cooking with friends.

I thought it would be fun to try out the 'Got Milk' look but with pink moostashes. So we all stained our upper lips with smoothie. Everyone turned out to be such a natural, except for me and I was actually kind of trying. Couldnt seem to keep my eyes open in any of the shots.
Lindsey in her element.

I love honest people. I tend to sugar coat things, but I crave a balance, I crave to hear the truth and love people that speak it, even if its not pretty. I'm learning so much lately, and learning stretch my artist hands and trust my artist feet. I believe everyones an artist, just like everyone has got a heart beat, we all can recognize beauty, just in different ways. It makes me sad when people say "Im not an artist". I dont think there is such thing.

One of my favorite feelings I was thinking the other day is when Im covered in paint. When its all up my arms and under my nails, on my forehead and legs, and then I get in the shower and wash it all off. Its the best feeling. I think art is the closest we can get to out of body experience. I made it a goal to do one creative thing a day, even if its just making a card for someone. Im reading This book The Artist's Way, and theres a part that says, we must believe we are the creative channel instead of thinking of it as seperate work.

We went to a movie with my family this weekend. There were no seats left sitting together so I sat in the front row, between two couples. It was weird. I also felt funny because I snuck a huge smoothie in via my purse. I was planning on sharing but ended up forcing myself to drink the whole thing because of my solo seating arrangement.

Life lesson #1
I learned this week again that less is more. We don't have to fit in everything. Its good to leave breathing space.

If there is something that you want in life, SHOW THEM THAT YOU WANT IT. SHOW GOD YOU WANT IT. Do everything you can to make it happen, and then let the lord do the rest. Ive been thinking about this phrase alot "you give the Lord a crumb, he gives you a loaf" which is so true!
Miles told me that about showing God you want something. He told me that someone shared that with him on his mission when he was trying so hard to learn Spanish. I love Miles. Weve been friends for 4 years now and he still treats me like a lady. He walked me to class the other day, carrying my books as if we were in the 50ies. I loved it. Then my class was canceled so we went out for Figiian curry. His tires were flat so we had to drive to Kahuku, the next town over, because they are the only place with a pump. I vavumed while he pumped and it was a great team effort. Thats what friends do best, I think is normal stuff together. It doesnt have to be fancy. I love days like this when things dont work out to work out.

#3 Friendship is just like anything worth while, your testimony, your body, they need constant tending a little each day. Like delicate flowers friendships can become weak, wither and die if we dont nourish them. Im so thankful for this extended family.
I had a roommate reunion on Sunday with my old roomates from last semesteram. I just love those girls. I read a pickup line written on a wall the other day that said "If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you, I would be walking through a garden". I dont know why but I loved it and texted it to my BFF Mia immediatly:) Love everyone and am greatful for our friendship!

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