Today was Solies 3rd birthday. We have been looking forward to this for about a month now. For the past month he has been telling everyone that hes going to "ride horse" for his birthday. We scheduled him a little ride through Gunstock Ranch, this beautiful farm close to our house.
and its all he can talk about.

He was totally in his element. The fields, endless room to run arond, animals all over, a dog following him around. He was loving it all. He had this cute little helmet on that he took very seriously. He always acts as if whatever he is doing is what he was born to do. Solie packed the horse a lunch of apples and carrots. He even packed him one long string bean that he was insisting the horse would love.

We all concluded that we want to live on a ranch as a family. Everyone except for Seth. He was the only one who was not convinced of the beauty in farm life. He kept asking questions like, "what do these guys do all day? Move one horse from this stall to that one?" I felt I learned so much. I learned that a "wild stallion" simply means that the horse is a male who isnt fixed. There were only 2 stallions on the whole ranch. They kept them seperate but they were my favoirte and by far the most beautiful and majestic. Anyhoo Sols birthday was awesome. We had a picnic at turtle bay with my whole family and solie fell asleep even though it was his birthday picnic. More than anything, the greatest joy is seeing someones dreams come true. I think that is my new dream. To just be a witness of dreams being fulfilled, it just feels so good. Happy Birthday my baby solie!

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Brooke Self said...

absolutely adorable! and have you seen the movie true grit?? I think you would like it! There are a lot of horses in it and the girl is very persistent and independent. Overall a great film. Little Solie is soooo cute! And hey you have all your sissies with you on the island now? How fun!