life is a short trip..

The last few days have been a blur, partially because Ive been averaging 2-4 hours of sleep, and partially because of strange events. Sometimes when things are like that I feel like I'm in a movie. It would have been a good one too. Things were somewhat normal a few days ago, and then Thursday night there was that devastating earthquake in Japan and a tsunami to follow, heading our way in a matter of hours. I had DEJAVOU of last year and quickly fled to the mountains with my loved ones.

Looks like were in pain, but really we just survived the tsunami!

We had a beautiful view to wake up to but during the night, anticipating something in the darkness was a little scary. I have to say I felt a lot less nervous this time, compared to last year's "tsunami". Although, I do think the Lord is really preparing us for the day when it will come.

My family in Japan is okay so far. We couldn't get a hold of anyone by the phone, so finally, so my mom got a hold of my uncle GiGi via fax. Kind of old school but so glad we know they are okay. We havnt heard from my Grandpa yet, he lives in the South and most of the damage was in the North. But either way, the Japanese people need all the prayers and help they can get.

That night of the tsunami I realized a few things. I was stuffing my backpack with my most important belongings and I just grabbed a change of clothes (well several), scriptures, journal, picture of my family, and letters from friends. Friendship is so important. What else do we have? Each friend is so special to me, and I felt such a great love from everyone on and off the island. Without everyone I would be comfortless. So thank you! Something that also brought me strange comfort was being in nature, the cow pies were smelling sweet and the stars were so beautiful.

I dont know why but its like my worst fear to die and not be a mother. So when I thought this could be it! I had to just get out of the car and walk around. Moving makes me feel good. I have to do it or I have anxiety up to my ears.

My friend Hyrum was with me star gazing and walking around the ranch in the mountains, telling cheesy jokes. Literally, he told me this one: “what do you call cheese that’s not yours?” Nachyo' Cheese. ha

Anyway I love looking up at the numberless stars. I feel small and somewhat insignificant, but then watched over and protected at the same time, like they are shining just for you (stole that from cold play but its true).

Also this lovely passage is one that has stuck out to me lately,

Moses 1: 35 For behold, there are many worlds that have passed away...and there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them.

I asked my friend Hyrum which star he would want to be, and he gave the most beautiful answer. He said he want to be one of the ones in a cluster, surrounded by others. I always thought I'd like to be one of the bright ones, but his answer sounded better, or cozier at least.

Then he asked me if I could ask God one thing what would I ask, and I think I would ask him if he was proud of me. Hyrum said he never heard that answer before and that he would ask God how to be happy. I want everyone to be truly happy.

We changed mountains, and arrived at our new "higher ground" destination at about 2 am. We were up by the radio tower and the windmills. You couldn't really see the ocean because it was so dark. At the tippy top of the mountain was this big building where they were offering movies and beverages, (Harry Potter and coffee.) I didn’t partake in either but I appreciate that they were there. Its amazing to see how people ban together in face of tragedies.

Everyone slept in their cars. We took out all the seats to the car and slept in the back. Four to each car. It was cramped but fun. We were getting all muddy from the clay like mud. Our jeans and our feet were caked on with red dirt and kept needing to be washed off. Seth gave us strict instructions to wash our faces too before entering the car. Seth is good at being bossy because hes funny about it, I feel he could be a lutenant in another life.

The Tsunamie was supposed to hit at like 3 07 AM so we waited and waited and nothing. It was a little weird that we couldn’t see it coming. I kept envisioning water seeping up over the mountains to us even though that is rather impossible. I couldnt sleep because I kept peeping my eyes open to see if the red flashing lights on the radio towers were still on, and as long as they were I felt okay.

Here are two survivors, Maya and Solie the next morning.
I'm grateful to be alive and thankful to my wonderful family and friends. At like 12 we came back down off the mountain. They news said earthquakes were still happening in Japan. I watched one of the videos and its like a horror film.

I do want to get my school and work in order, but when crisis strikes, you realize again what is most important- people. I have never regretted showing love to anyone in my life, but I know the most painful regrets are the things we don't do or say. Thankful for another day and for everyone in my life!


Brooke Self said...

Marn, I needed this laugh. You are hilar. ps. love this music

Amy Hanson said...

your insight is seriously beautiful marni.