I wish I was a cat with 9 lives

I just found out I will very soon be walking down the isle to graduation! My brother in law Seth summed up my fears perfectly, "whats after college..death?"

Lately Ive been woken up in the middle of the night by all the possibilities pulling at my brain. These possibilities sit on the exact border of sweet dreams and nightmares, and are so many they cannot be numbered!

Not to be cliche but growing up is like a roller coaster. Half of the time Im jumping up and down in line waiting for it to be my turn, and the other half, Im anxiously biting my nails because I dont know what to expect...whats next?

I wish I was a cat with 9 lives.

Id go to culinary school.
go to a prestigious film/art school.
be really edgy and go to fashion school.
paint in Italy.
make indie films.

do the peace core

the world.
Be a bridge connecting two worlds.

move to India. Africa. Tibet.
be a medicine woman. heal people.
live with some sort of tribe
point out beauty when its not so obvious.


Wear lots of jewelry and be a
wild but understanding high school art teacher.
road trip across the country
Not be afraid of anything.
jump off high things.

cut my hair short.
adopt shelter dogs and walk as a pack
meanwhile wearing heels
living somewhere edgy like New York.

be in incredible shape.
i.n.t.e.r.p.r.e.t.i.v.e d.a.n.c.e.

have Oprah's job.

take more chances.
be a better listener.
learn cool skateboard tricks.
and how to drop in at skate parks
be an awesome guitarist.
be an awesome friend
book worm.

be a wild drummer.
cook meals so beautiful I feel a little guilty when its time to eat.
bake delicious baked goods.
shoot sunbeams into peoples hearts
using my eyes

be more organized.
have courage.
have friends in every nook and cranny
love deeper
be a home to the heartless.
run marathons or something equally endurance testing.
be as crafty as Martha.
go to beauty school.

fall in love many times but only once for keeps.

be madly in love.
sew my own clothes and play clothes for my kids.
be a natural-path

be an awesome mom.
tell people I love them a lot, lots.
teach my kids how to love the earth
and that its okay to be different.

I want to
Sing like an angel
tame animals
be forever young like the song.

What are we more afraid of? That we will actually succeed or that we'll fail?
What stops us from pursuing our dreams?

I feel like if I stretch my arms up far enough like Gumby,
I can pull myself up towards what I want
And the blue sky will recognize my efforts
and hoist me the rest of the way.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
- Mary Oliver


little miss erika said...

Dear Marni:

I think you should read "The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity."

My sister recommended it to me as nearly one year post-graduation, I am caught between dreams of culinary art school (for baking and pastries, oo la la!) and painting in Italy and teaching English in Korea, and doing something practical like finding a job with a salary and going to grad school. I have all these wonderful dreams and this book is really great at pointing out how essential those "creative" and "artistic" dreams are to our spirituality and divinity.

Simply wonderful. Just like you!

And please be a lion tamer. Hehehe =) Or maybe we can go to culinary art school together? And open a bakery? One that is good to the earth and edgy with awesome music? And we could sell children's books and grown-up books and potted plants?

chellyyy said...

dear marni take 2:

greatest part about it. you can do all those things in this ONE life you've been given!!

Matt said...

you make me think. that's probably why i like you so much.

Brooke Self said...

marni! We love you! and when was this post written? I feel like probably a lot more recent then the date suggest!
life is beautiful.. and I love that you dare to dream and act on those dreams. You are great!

Nathan said...

Marni I love this post! I want 9 lives too, maybe more.

escalatorsescalarscalawags said...

i copy and paste marni's blog onto my sleeve