The Nanny Diaries

Im realizing lately Ive only written about my niece and nephew, but I cant help it. They seem to have a strange power over me, especially since theyve been visiting us the past few weeks.

Sol is quite possibly my favorite person in the world. He loves to play dead, fight with anything- sticks, vacuum cleaners, tennis rackets, hes a natural animal lover, and he lives off popsicles. I wake up every morning to, "Auntie Mauwie, paw-sickle?"Even though hes an early riser, sometimes 4 or 5 am, something in that innocent voice wins me over every time and I have no choice but to appeals to his every request.

Hes also a great help in the kitchen! :)

Being an on call nanny this summer and watching Solie and CoCo Ive been thinking alot about how I hope my future family will be.

I walked into so many houses everyday for nannying and sometimes felt nothing, and then there were other places that felt warm instantly. I always asked myself what was different about these families?

I learned first and foremost there has to be love. I decided Im only going to get married if Im madly in love. When the parents are in love the kids are always happy and feel safe. But when I fall in love I hope to be whole and complete like a running stream. I dont just want to be a crystal pool of water just waiting for someone creature to come drink. I imagine running along, carrying pebbles and leaves in my current and then as if we were two singers in a duet, I would connect with some kind of wild river and then together we'd discover the ocean. I hope theres a wild river out there somewhere for me but until then Im pretty sure this is my right on course.I loved being with all my sisters these past few weeks. I love that we all think the same things are funny.Found this pic back when Maya was just a baby, 16 years ago already!

Life is so good. I love having Solie around to help me remember to relish life. Being young is a wonderful blessing. I feel like I could do anything. Like if I wanted to walk a tight rope across the equator I could, or if I wanted to tell someone I loved them I could. I feel like the world is a few feathers falling gently from the sky and all I have to do is catch them.
Sol is growing up and getting very independent. Old enough to choose his own clothes. He insisted on wearing a t shirt for pants this day. Very cutting edge if I dont say so myself. I love him!


Brooke Self said...

Marni your blog is so hilarious. Your writing is also tremendously tremendously great. I'm almost thinking we should pursue creative writing rather than journalism? You inspire and lift everyone around you! I love you my dear friend. =) and I too hope you find that wild river that becomes an ocean!

Moni & Paul said...

oh hahah I love that last one of Sol...
sooo cute cute cute!

Give my love to MOMI and Seth! Love you guys!

HEYLAY said...

marni you are amazing and I miss you dearly!!!

escalatorsescalarscalawags said...

i like you too
u bein yoself
buckin wilder