There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

I am so grateful to be home this spring! Its my first since high school and I love it! Being home and "going back to my roots" is such an incredibly exciting experience. I love rediscovery! Like a well worn sweater in the back of the closet, Ive put on Washington again and I love what I see! Spending time with my dear little sisters, driving through long stretches of green forest, my Mommy's cooking, rekindling long lost friendships, getting outside and seeing all the flowers in bloom! Oh the Washington air is just what I needed to clear my head.

My sisters, Steph and I set out on a journey to find horses the other day, and were pleased to find these roadside jems...

They did not let us down! They truly are freedom embodied!
The horses immediately took to Maya or at least her edible straw hat.
Monica was coincidentally born in the year of the horse so she feel she has a deep connection with these beautiful creatures.

Monica would always tell white lies to the counselors at girls camp that she owned a Clydesdale so she could advance to trotting on her own.

I love these!

We also encountered some who were very sheepish around humans.

FYI horses dont like buttercups :(

I love tresspasing. horses. my sisters. life. spring. sunshine. blue skies. smelling things, animals. flowers. youth. watermelon. my dogs. families. the gospel. traditions. the salt in the ocean. exploring. rainbows. going barefoot. singing. dancing. music. hair. paint. hands and legs and feet. being out of control sometimes. my grandparents. learning. reading. ladybugs. fireflies. ants. and pollywogs. baby sol and cocobean. my awesome family. my awesome friends. the awesome planet earth. the beautiful galaxy : )
Animals I feel know all the secrets of life. Were so lucky to learn from them!
What a beautiful day it was! Oh and I caught this mail box trying to peep in.. Happy Spring!

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Brooke Self said...

such a cute post! I love this and all of you girls! =)