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I hope I will love my own kids just as much as I love Momi's. Everyone says I will but its just hard to imagine. Love is one of those things though- like bottomless fries at red robin. You cant run out. Its not like good luck, or milk. Theres no cap on how much we can hold. No running out. Isn't it a relief?

Ever since Halloween Sols been parading around in his spider man costume that hes already outgrowing and its only November.

My sis the Diva I love Halloween in Laie! Every year the whole community gets into the holiday spirit and sits outside in their lawn chairs or the trunks of their spooked out vans passing out candy. Loud music is also blasting through the closed off streets from multiple tents and families just stroll around collecting goodies. What a genius holiday!

Due to budget cuts, this year my Halloween costume was made out of pure recyclable materials, except for the colored paper and glue
. The Number 2 pencil served me well but it was strictly for looks. While wearing it I could not even bend down for candy, hold my neice or nephew and even my peripheral vision was limited. Mental note for next year:be something that has a full range of motion. I kept envisioning tick or treating going bad, tipping over on the streets of Laie, unable to get to my feet. Of course that didn't happen and we had a great time.


Brooke Self said...

OKay Hi! I feel like your number one life stalker, but I love that quote at the end! Are you signed up for the LDS gems?? I swear I just got that one in my inbox. And can Momi and her kids be anymore beautiful? Seriously I just want to eat Coco- she is soo cute.
Marni love, you continue to be amazing and I also hope you find a costume with full range of motion next time! haha

Daniela said...

Marni I love the blog and I love all of the pictures!! The kids are so precious and Coco is growing up so fast! I am sorry I missed you this holiday season but will you be back up for christmas!? Miss you love you take care

Kylie said...

is she your sister? the girl who married a hanneman? wow that is so vague. haha. but you are all so beautiful. fun blog! :)