make friends : )

I love that Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo who never left out her furry, black eyebrow. Instead of grooming it she let it roam freely across her face as the focal point of her work.

Too often it seems we expect life to be perfect. A tranquil lake, when its really an ocean. Always unpredictable. The more we can understand it will be full of rough currents, and occasional rouge waves, the more prepared we will be to swim across it.

The unusual is usually more interesting.


This little angel came to us on Easter day. It was the most unusual occurrence. Two days later he vanished without a trace. We searched the house high and low but nothing. The only explanation is that he was eggsalted. Bless him wherever he is! Briana said we don't need to worry because a soul as previous as his has a, "one way ticket to heaven".

I tried to do aromatherapy once to my sister but I couldn't on account of I was playing some music that she knew the words to.

Its hard to take our mind somewhere new when something old is trailing us. Like toilet paper stuck to our shoe, or wet paint on our heels. Sometimes we need to go somewhere totally new to see who we really are.

I went on the Circle Island tour with all the new freshman/kids from my school getting a ride to town. I LOVED IT! I had this relizatoin as I was on the big yellow school bus, lately I have found myself getting so comfortable, I forget to do more things by myself and venture out of my routines. The circle island tour though it was close to home, I didnt really know anyone on the bus well and it reminded me how much I love making new friends. Im making a note to self: that change is a wonderful, exciting part of life, and that I need to seek it more instead of holding tight to what I know.
Its like eating plain bread everyday because its conveninet, when perhaps there is something as delicious as this waiting just around the corner.. dont these look yummy? AT THE SWAP MEET!

I love making friends! On airplanes, and bus stops, in grocery stores, and walks to school, petting cats, and in between classes, life gets more an more exciting with every hand that shakes me. Meeting people has told me who I am.

Zora Neal Hurston said she never knew she was black until she was thrown in front of a white background.

I love Zora, she said this, "Right away, I decided that Big Sweet was going to be my friend. From what I had seen and heard in the short time, I felt as timid as an egg without a shell. "

I love these words from her book Their eyes were watching god, that her Grandma says to her, "Don't think Ah don't feel dis you, Janie, cause Ah do. AH coudn't love yuh no more if Ah had uh felt yo birth pains mahself. You aint got nobody but me. And mah head is ole and tilted toward de grave. Neither can you stand alone by yo'self. De thought uh you bein' kicked around from pillar tuh post is uh hurtin' thing. Every tear you drop squeezes a cup uh blood outa mah heart. Ah got tuh try and do for you befo' my head is cold "

Look at this cute little praying mantis friend we found bartering at the swap meet. I heard in Asia they are a good omen and they bow when angels are present. : )

Happy Birthday Jenna!

A lovely friend of mine, Jenna had a surprise party! It was a new york theme. Vada and me thought people were going to dress up...but it was very fun nonetheless.

King Kong and the Empire state building.
Lady Liberty and Miss Cleo?

The end of a semester always feels a little weird. Time always seems like a robber. Like somehow you could always have done more, but time didnt let you. I am a little sad to say the words, BYE! But instead of a one sylaball echoe, two more bounce back to me, and say Hello! Im excited to see what adventures lay instore. Love you everyone!


lark, c said...

eggsalted!!!! ahahaha. loved it. oh my.

lark, c said...

I have add. Your blog doesn't make things any easier. I have seen this post like 3 times by now and still have onky managed to read slash comprehend like 10%. I'm dying in bed. Not really but I wanna. P.S. There isn't anyone I dont recognize in the circle island tour pics!!! I feel cheated. Bugbhhhh. Longest post ever ... I'm so confused

Kathleen said...

Yay, pictures of the New York party! Fun!