Hallo een!

Living in little Laie its easy to forget theres a world outside. On Halloween we went downtown to see bright lights and faces painted in most extravegant ways and the most wild costumes, but most were characters without even trying. As I looked around at all my brothers and sisters walking in the closed off streets I took such comfort in the fact that as different as we all are, every member of the human family has such great desires to feel alive, to love and be loved.
I saw this dancing lady who was so happy to be alive! She kissed me on the cheeks when I told her how awesome she looked. Being down town amazed, inspired and scared me all at the same time.

Mostly inspired though. To be "older" what does that even mean? A few more white hairs and feebler knees? I hope that in the sunsets of my life, my eyes will still dance for joy and I will be freely painting othres skies with vibrant colors of a life well lived.

This is what she did for me. Heavenly father is sending me angels all the time. Sometimes they show up in the strangest forms, but sometimes in the everyday too.

Nate Williams this wise Canadian friend of mine said this to me on the car ride to town regarding my fears of inadequacy on the mission. He said, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable", it is only when we are put out of our comfort zone, put into a new situation that we can grow and stretch.

My little sister Monica would always get growing pains when she was a kid. She would cry and cry and end up in my parents bed. Its not like shes all that tall now either though. But she always got them for some reason. And even little babies cry when their "teething". It hurts everyone to grow a little. But how beautiful and magnificent we are when we have teeth to smile with and legs to walk with. I love my life! And am excited for the future!

Traveling somewhere new, even if its just a change in the route to school make a huge difference. When were put in a new environment our senses snap awake instead of being on auto pilot.

Few other things can do that, wake up all our senses that is. Perhaps that is why I have a love affair with Hawaii. I love feeling all my senses awake at the same time. Bright colors feeding my eyes, different smells and textures, and the gentle wind that tells me Im where Im supposed to be.≈

Life is a miracle isnt it?! We can choose to be for good or for evil. I heard once that every discsion we make in this life is ultimately the same one, good or for evil. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful friends that help me so much.

My halloween costume was a makeshift little red riding hood. I wanted to dress up for school and luckily had this red material.

Heaven is all around us! Walking home with groceries the other day with ice cream dripping down my knees I saw this. Its just a telephone pole but so much more, it reminded me of Christ.

Life is so special. I know that love is everywhere. We just have to look for it.

I was lying at the beach this weekend and felt such love in my heart and then I looked up to see love in the sky!

I truly feel blessed to wake up every morning and see the sun. I feel even more blessed to wake up amongst angels. Sometimes I have nightmares and my roommates are sweet and always just hug me and tell me its okay.
I love my roomates so much I am so sad to leave them at the end of this semester, but I take such comfort in knowing that all things we love just become a part of us.Nothing we love is every lost they say. Not pearl necklaces, not pictures that burt up in a fire, not memories, not faces, not anything. Not even the memory of an old man. The magical thing about love as it can take all forms. its found over and over again.


Ted Davis said...

marn star!!! will you post your pics on facebook, the ones from the deck!!! I love you!!! Thanks for being my friend too!!!

Garrett said...

It took so long for me to find the bottom of this post. It was a journey. How are you so optimistic and positive? I think it is such a natural gift you have. It comes so easy for you. I wonder if you know how powerful it is.

briana dale said...

lovin the ones of kaitlyn...such a sleeping beautyyy.

Nathan said...

marmar, did I tell you I started a blog? I'm taking it slow though. baby steps.

Dan Kettle said...

Marni amazing as always and living life in pure good fashion. I wish i was still in hawaii and i actually might be moving back but you will prob be on the mish. When do you leave? Much aloha