We share toothpaste

The Christmas season is a ringing in!!!
Kaitlyn and I went to the Christmas devotional and we saw this boy Alden playing these monkey symbols. It is so amazing to see that one tiny little instrument can add so much to an orchestra. We followed the band backstage for a meet and greet.

there is no such thing as a small part!

My friend Emily's band played at this dance party, she is the real Fiddler on the Roof!!
The party was a ocean theme. Who knew jelly fish garb would be mistaken for a hair cut smock.

My friend nathan came to visit! It was so wonderful to play!

We went to Nathan's sister Anna's tea party theme baby shower. It was lots of fun and everyone was so classy! Good luck with everything anna!

For some reason I felt like this was the best day of my life! I kept seeing all the people I love!

I did a little pastel sketching of this Blonde Bombshell. I love her!
I started taking pictures of Kaitlyn when she sleeps because we share a bed and I dont want to forget that she sleeps with her mouth open. She started getting me back. I look like an alien.
Yogurt land has become a new way of life. Every time we go to town we always have to go there. When Kaitlyns sister came to visit we accidently went a few times in one week.
Thanksgiving was incredible! We biked to the beach and on my way on the side of the road lay "Giver" a beautiful little creature with a tattered wing. She rode with me to the beach and everyone that held her added to her name. Hawaiians traditonally have long names anyway. Our team name- Whale deer.
We entered the Brain Bowl!! Or Brainstorm. It was pretty fun but tough. Ironically, the only answer I knew was the name of Hitler's book Mein Komph (my struggle)! And it was a struggle at that! We went home empty handed but it was a wonderful team effort!Our team name- "Whale Deer". Two of my favorite animals! And also Kaitlyn and I met a lady on a bus ride home one time who had a matching tatoo as her best friend on her wrist that was this mythical creature, the Whale deer, so we kind of owe her alot for her inspiration.

This was BIZARE! I never knew but BYUH has a natural history museum, like a zoo only everything was dead. At first I was kind of weirded out by all the dead animals. But I inquired about how they get here and the workers said that all the animals are donated because people hunted them illegally so they had to turn them over to the government.

Isn't it amazing to see where life takes you. I was looking at a warthog-pumba from lion king, imagining him drinking at a water hole in Africa, and never in a million years I bet did it ever cross his mind that one day he would be livin it up in Hawaii. How exciting is life! and in that case even the next life!

Lifes moments are like millions of dew drops. We can try to catch each one in a Dixie cup and save it forever or we can play in the rain, welcome storms, splash in puddles, catch snowflakes on our tongues, let tears roll down our cheeks and pray for more.

Life is happening so quick it seems. But its too short to spend it fighting to keep up so I guess the only choice we have is to create more moments like this. Mouths are meant for smiling, eyes are made to see beauty, hands are meant for holding and and clocks are were meant for ticking, so we can keep ticking too.

Sometimes it feels like things are happening in slow motion. I said goodbye to my roommate Meagan yesterday. Shes just going to be a few minutes away in TVA married housing, but it is like two different worlds.

Looking at the prices of juice the other day I met a man that was such an example to me and taught me that there is no such excuse to not be someones friend because "we have nothing in common". that being human is the only common denominator we need.

There was a whole pod of fireman shuffling around him and the old man raised his voice and then a spotted hand waving goodbye to the firefighters. He spoke with an accent like the GODFATHER's. He turned to me without introduction and started talking as if he was an old book I left face down on the table. Without hesitation he cracked himself open, put his hand in mine and spoke as if go on from where we once left off.

I love the sanity of older people. Often times we think we are wise, thinking we know whats going on better than animals. We often assume old people have "lost their minds", when really we may haven't found ours. And animals, their capacity to love is far greater than ours so they dont need silly things like noise to prove it, it would be like giving a can opener to Edward Scissor hands, they have no use for such things. Perhaps it is only in old age that we finally find what weve searched for our whole lives- our minds.

Anyway this man with grey hair and gold heart said he just had thanksgiving with the firemen. He was missing most of his front teeth and the ones remaining looked sharpened with time, but he had one of the best smiles Ive ever seen. I could feel his happiness. Ive always thought a smile required teeth, but I know now it is a matter of heart rather than a matter of the mouth.

He told me stories of feeding the homeless with his pick up truck and that he always lets the kids jump on his truck first to pick out whatever they like because adults are greedy.

Then he asked me this, Do You know whats most important in your life? before I could answer 2 fingers appeared and he called the first, "Your friends." Then second, "your family." He said, "You think it'd be family first, but think about it, you have to earn your friends."

Then in a hush tone so not even the juice could hear, he told me that Al Capone was his uncle.

As he was leaving he put his hand on my shoulder, blessed me with some Italian words and then said these beautiful words, "remember there is no such thing as an ugly person. God don't make no junk."

I loved this man!

After saying goodbye to so many I love, I realize, you dont have to have lunch together everyday to stay close, you just make sure that what they have for lunch never stops being delcious to you, that a rock in their shoe takes up room in yours, and that whatever it is that's important to them is important to you.

I love my friends so much and am so greatful for them! We share toothpaste and we have shared these past two years together!

One time I ran out of underwear and I guess Meagan saw I was wearing swim suits bottoms, and the next day I found note with a pair of hers on my bed.

Heavenly Father has sent such angels to this earth. The greatest of all creations, more grand than the mountains and far more beautiful than blankets of snow or sands on beaches was the creation of friends.

Heavenly Father could have given us mittens for hands, or webbed ones like ducks, but instead he gave us hands that can lace so that when we are lonely, or happy, or scared each finger has one to lock onto. Hooray for friends!!


Dan Kettle said...

Marn i love reading your blog. You seriously are such a creative writer and draw people in with your words. YOu have such a unique cool view on life and its no wonder your so positive and have so many cool experiences. Its karma. People feed off your positive energy. I love the old italian man story ha

Meagan said...

I love you Marn. You can wear my underwear and use my toothpaste anyday!

little miss erika said...

oh marni

you are one of my favorites

please meet my gram some day