An ode to dear friends!

How lonely is a life without friends.

With a friend at your side, you feel a little braver,

and sound a little better,Our victories are sweeter
our burdens seem lighter, Somehow we can hold on a little longer,
And laugh a little louder,

And how much more beautiful the view when we have someone to enjoy it with.

With a friend at your side your more relaxed,

more likely to succeed, and you dont ever have to worry about coming up short.

Because friends were made to warm our hearts,
and keep us on the path.

The world becomes a more peaceful place,and no task seems too arduous,

and life stops being a race.

Good friends hold us when we need to be held,

put their arms around us if were ever scared, They cheer us when were almost there, things even taste better when shared!
As our treasures become each other, we find we are only treasuring ourselves.

So dont wish and wait to be happy, because our lives are already filled with friends!

Its always amazing to see that dogs and cats and even little birdies know that two is always better then one.

My Japanese teacher always gives us little pebbles of wisdom within our sentence drills, and yesterday he said, "now is the time to make friends".

I love this quote, " could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each others eyes for an instant?" Isnt it funny we all trod on the same path together and yet some of us see the pebbles stuck in our boots, some see mud, some hear the snapping twigs and some see the distant sunny horizons?

I want to be the traveler that sees people, that see the way others walk and talk. I want to see their muddy shoes and ask how they got that way. I want to hold hands and sing songs with whoever is walking next to me.

Who am I? This question is perhaps answered best when looking into the eyes of a beloved someone, called friend. That is why we love friends isnt it? When we loose them or atleast when they go away for awhile we loose a little of ourselves.

My dear friend Clark left the island on Sunday. He was the most amazing friend/foot model/ bargain shopper and sue chef Ive ever known. When we were driving him to the airport all I could think of besides that I hate good byes is how much love I felt for my friends and how many wonderful memories we had together. Its a good thing to be sad when you leave a place or a face as that is how you know they are dear to you.

One of my favorite times with Clark was the day we went to four Rosses on the island and then he bought us dinner and we ate it in the pet isle in Ross.

Clark has many great featuers. but amongst many things, he has the most goreous feet Ive ever known. You may not be able to tell here but hello foot model.

Aloha Oi Clarkie!

For our last night, we opened a day spa, or a night spa I suppose. What I love so much about Clark is that he always is trying to help others. Even on his last night here he just wanted everyone to be happy!

We miss clarks smile the most! I tried to paint a still life be I couldnt get it done in time before he left. Clark and me both love the silver lining, Catcher in the Rye, farel cats and snacks before bed.
I feel so blessed to have good friends. They are like four leaf clovers and silver dollars, rare and beautiful and every time I find a new one I become even luckier.


MoninPaul said...

Marni, I must say.. Hawaii is filled with so many dear friends...adventures.. I am so glad you moved there.
i loved the blog.
Miss you

NW. said...

that painting turned out awesome marni.

Fearless Leader said...

I'm CRYING! Please don't leave me! Everytime I read your blog I just want to bypass the comments and go straight to a phone call! I'm going to call you now!

briana dale said...

tears...on accident.