When we smile at the world the world smiles back at us.

The other day I was thinking about wrinkles. I am excited to one day have wrinkles! They truly do show a well worn life. Like footprints in the sand or imprints on a dirt road. All they mean is you are a friend to the world. The world has makes its way across your face just as you make your way across this beautiful earth. So make a mark on the world, and the world will only be returning the favor, making its mark on you!

Speaking of Marks, I still have scars from when my roommates and I contracted fleas last December. My landlord insist I was "the carrier".

When my dog Ruby sits down she kind of just falls. or plops. She sighs and darts her sometimes sad brown eyes at you. This summer Ruby was being super possessive of this rock I needed for the fire pit. She didn't mean me any harm, but when the rock was yanked away she was very fourth right.

Sitting in class the other day checking out my scars I looked to my wrist and saw her.

Scars, just like smells and songs instantly remind us of the past. But for some reason seeing the three teeth marks on my wrist didnt bring back paralyzing pain. Its all gone now and looking at my wrist I can only feel the love and innocence of my sweet puppy.

This made me realize that things that hurt us in the moment more often then not turn out to be not always such bad things after all. I love the scars on my hands, for I will forever remember my ruby!

I love this scripture: 1 Nephi 21:15& 16

"For can a woman forget her suckling child? That she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea they may forget, yet will I not forget thee, O house of Israel.

"Behold I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands, so that I will never forget thee"

I thought of Ruby's face in July after she bit me, she looked so embarrassed, she wouldn't come out of her room for days.

Sometimes we too hurt the ones we love the most. But it doesn't make me love her any less. In fact I love her more. I know shes getting older, I feel aggressive about that too. But no matter what she does I think the world of her. Just like Heavenly Father thinks the world of us!

I heard in stake conference that when we see a building being demolished instead of thinking, "Oh noooo!" think, "I wonder whats going to go there next!" I was trying to bring a cupcake to a friend one day and then...I went over a speed bump and then-sudden death. It was tragic at first and I was thinking, "Oh nooo!" But Im trying to wonder instead of why cupcakes fall to the ground wonder who will get this treat now...

Any hard thing we ever go through may be an opportunity to help someone else...maybe someone who was much more in need...

maybe one of these strays!

When the Dog bites, when the bees sting when Im feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I dont feel so bad!

Recently I wrote a news article about a man who ate 25,000 big macs since the 70ies. He says they just make him happy. At first this story schocked me but when I read more I felt that there was more to this story, despite the obvious, that he may need rolaids. There are two kinds of healthy. One is the physical state and two the emotional state. When we indulge in simple pleasures whatever they are, we are being good to ourselves, good to our emotional selves, our pampering our spirits. Sometimes we dont do this enough. This man has 2 big macs everyday so in a weird way, hes an inspiration. I asked people around school what their simple pleasures were for my article, and just them sharing what they loved I found myself loving them even more.

Here are a few of mine...
Finding little creatures
Sushi!Ice cream!

kind eyes
riding my bike

baking cookies

grocery shopping,
new friends

old friends
my teddy bear
finding things I once lost
the sounds of crashing waves
shell collecting
good quotes
cards with heart felt words
feet rubs

disney movies
christmas music

sand between my toes
japanese dollar stores
doing cartwheels
getting fast food really late with friends

party games

writing in my journal
sticking my head out the car window like the family dog.
feeding birds on my porch or in parks
random acts of kindness.

The other day Kaitlyn and me went to the Malasada truck down the street. They come every once in a while to sell little decadent treats covered in cinnamon sugar. Kaitlyn bought one for me and one for her. I love my roommate and I love Malsadas so I was very excited. Things got even better when we went to sit down at the bus stop and opened the box. To our surprise the box was filled with four times as many malsadas! When we went to see if it was a mix up the man smiled at us and simply said, "I dont know he did it" and pointed to his co worker who smiled at us.

There is so much goodness in the world. The world smiles at us only under the condition that we smile at it first!

Random acts of kindness have a ripple effect! The only way we can repay some the nice things people do for us is to go out and do good to others. I should be doing more as I feel so very blessed! Imagine if something small you do is passed on and on, the smallest thing sometimes can be the extra push someone needs to make it to the top.

I know that after small test of faith we are always blessed. Last week I was living off of PB and J and tuna sandwiches and love from friends. I didnt even say anything but this week I have been able to buy groceries so life is wonderful. Also out of no where this week my sweet sweet Grandma Gladys sent me this beautiful card to make sure I'm not homesick and some money to "go do something fun" I love life and my grandma! I know that when we do what is right the Lord will always provide!

We found this new yummy place to eat. Its so revoltuionary I feel. Its called YOGURT LAND! I guess its popular already on the main land. The lines were going out the door it is such a part of pop culture. I dont know if they are linked in any way, but it remided me of something they would have in Japan. Japanese people love specialty anything. Special purses for pens, special erasers, special paper, everything cute and organized individual. I know I am extrely Biased but I love japan!

One of my new favorite things lately is being on TV! Not real TV but I have been reporting for our school news paper. Its lots of fun and I love being behind the scenes!

Clouds are some of the most beautiful things. All to often they have a bad reputation. What would our sky be without them?

The other day this boy in my class passed me a note. It was a realy nice note, folded in thirds. All it said really was that "were all in this together". Thats the best part of life, when someone reaches out and touches your hand and you realize they can feel the rain on their skin too. Oh rain, what would our world be without it?! And friends! How lucky we are to have hands to hold on rainy days and suny days!

Life is truly wonderful spectacular and magic!

Life is such a series of small things. Lets get excited about them! If we wait to only rejoyce about the big things, it will be a long winter. I love my roomates so much. It is our last semester together, so just being together is a joy!

On the way back from the beach the other day we decided to look for parts for our bikes on campus. We didnt have clothes just swim suites, but luckily clark had these outfits in his car.

I was frequenting Taco bell quite a bit during this time. So much so that the man that works there asked me marry him. What a Joker, he kept dropping these off at my table. Ofcourse I said no but I wonder if anyones actually said yes being proposed to that way.

I love it when my waters pink and a touch sweeter at taco bell. Sometimes this happens since the water shares its spiket with fruit punch. I always feel like Im getting a good deal, just a little something extra that makes me happy!

Extra. This man came in and spoke to my video production class and he said the only difference between the winner and the louser is about 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes more practice, or 5 minutes more reading or extra anything is the sad difference that sits between the winner and louser. Isnt life this way too? So often we are walking the line between just ordinary and extra ordinary. So often I live below what I know I can do because maybe Im too tired or dont feel like it. I hope I can go out and do just a little extra this week!


Anna K. said...

I love your posts Marni! You have the raddest outlook on life! Where did you get those ice creams way at the top? They look sooooo good!

little miss erika said...

oh my gooshness. this lifted my day. just what i needed.

i'm so glad you see how pretty and nice life can be. and i love wrinkles too! and grey hair and white hair and being old and wonderful!

and i love your photos and i love the things you write and i am so happy when i know others are happy

sometimes i get so worked up and wrapped up and walled up and i forget that i can and should enjoy myself everyday.

=) just lovely, lady! simply lovely!

ash said...

hi marni!
I love your post, it made me think of all the things I have to appreciate (:
I'm glad that I met you guys that night to do yoga!

Brooke Self said...

your so cute! I love this!

NW. said...

my favorite is the picture of the temple with your(?) finger in the water.