I love feral cats

So for work they have me blogging my news stories. At first I didnt know how to do this, but I actually really like it as I can put more of my opinion out there and get others opinions too. One of the saddest things in our community that goes under the table (litterally!) is the cat problem.

Clark and me made this video last night to spread the word that these cats have feelings too. Im trying to start a movement at our school. Hopefully people will cats on. (I cant stop!)



Fearless Leader said...

Marni- I think this will be helpful in your quest. Let's Unite!
Ps I still say you should have down the spiritual aspect of the mongoose

Matt Riding said...

Tears Marni. tears are swelling in my eyes right now after watching your humble showcase of their place in the grand scheme of things. my former cat hatred has been cleansed by my salted tears and i now understand. i undertand.

nwilliams said...

well done with the video marni!! (and clark)..
I love that song too, sigur ros is amazing

Brooke Self said...

hello!! bravvooo! love ur reporting debut!
keep it coming. =)