a tale of whales..

My dad loves whales. He always told us our last name was is really Whale. That the first Vails were really Whales from Whales, but over the years they changed it a bit.
I was thinking about it a few years ago and if Marni comes from Marine like the ocean and our last name is whale then what am I but a Marnie Whale. I dont know if thats something to be proud of, but I would love to be one for just a second or two.

Anyway last night there I was dreaming about them and I awoke from my sleep (in my dream ofcourse) and looked out the window to see that there was a whole pod of Orca whals jumping and playing and being so beautiful. I was taking pictures and thinking to myself, 'wow my camera has an incredible zoom' and I wanted to be in the water and before I could finish my thought all of a sudden I was! The water was so blue and laughing with me and I couldnt stop smiling. It was weird.

Something is so amazing about whales. Just their mere existenc is magical. It was a very peaceful dream and then when I really woke, and realized it wasnt real, that I didnt really have those pictures, I was still happy.
Only the best dreams can do that. They leave you with a safety net. For when you realize its not real, and want to feel sad you couldnt possibly because theres still so much happiness left over to just make you just feel happy you got to be a part of it.
This made me think that maybe things are worth it, if only if to make us happy for a second, its worth it, if you want to be happy, just be!

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Fearless Leader said...

Marine Whale!, Yet another reason I am so glad you are my friend!