A B Zzzzz

I love learning and totally respect teachers of any kind. But every once in awhile I'll take a class where I feel I might just keel over and DIE Im so bored. There was this one class, biology my first semester of college that was my ultimate worst. Not because the teacher wasn't knowledgeable but because my brain isn't as malleable when it comes to wrapping itself around technical information.  The words come out like the teachers speaking in tongues and Im instantly lulled to sleep.

When I was holding Coco the other day I was reminded of how different everybody learns. Some people can be talked to, but most have to experience it for themselves.

We were washing my dogs bowl out with hot water and Coco made this perfect O shape with her mouth and her eyes were wide watching the steam rising up from the sink. She kept makin this "ahhhh" sound like after you take a refreshing drink of cold water.  Her hands were moving through the steam trying to hold onto it. As it made its way to our faces I realized I was witnessing a miracle.  She was learning! And it gave me the most magical feeling being able to tell her about it.

 Its moments like that that make me really want to go back to school and become a teacher!  Here are a few ideas.....

 Sing LOTS
Smile alot
 Go outside as much as possible, let kids explore nature 
Teach them about how one person can make a difference
Ghandi, Mother Teresa, MLK, Themselves
Play music
 Plant gardens 
Wear interesting, funny teacher clothes 
 Have kids say nice things about each other
 do the circle of love 

have lots of class pets

  show and tell 

Celebrate their birthdays, make them feel special all day
Teach them about gratitude
everyday have them write what it is they're greatful for  

Host fun activities like theme dances
appreciate their uniqueness

learn their dreams
hide things 
let them find them
display their artwork

Teach them old school stuff like how to make home made butter and cream like the pioneers
 and home made ice cream
make instruments out of recyclables
Interpretive dance 
 Have a surprise day, where everything is a surprise!

  Paint murals together
take them on service field trips
 Play charades
Celebrate little things like when they loose teeth
encourage them to have big dreams

have read-athon camp outs

kidnap professionals for a day and have kids ask them anything they want
Cook things with them 
 Bring them treats 
 Celebrate funny holidays so everyday is a celebration!

Make everyone feel special 
Take them on exciting field trips 
 Meditate with them before tests
 do yoga 
Learn math with candy of their choice
 Do awesome science projects

Bring them juice boxes and snacks when I read to them
 Have children write stories and illustrate them 
Let them read their stories to the class.

 Teach them about art 
different cultures, dress up,
 pretend to be from another culture, conduct class that day as if we were living there
 Introduce them to inspirational people so that they too might fulfill their dreams