"Stunting is very painful and will eventually kill"

A cruel practice known as "Stunting" happens everyday all around the world in fish tanks and in our own classrooms, cities and backyards.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world”

I’ve decided to write a book. Well Ive decided to start the writing part.

This has been a goal I set at 18, filed it away as a 5 year goal and it seems almost over night two years have passed. So it just dawned on me I should start!

It seems almost a vain thing to do, but one of my favorite things in reading is this quote that goes something like" The miracles in books happen when your going along reading and then-an idea you thought entirely unique to you is set down in writing by someone who you dont know or is long dead and it is as if someone has reached out and taken your hand".
This has happened to me so many times it would be awesome to do that for someone else. I heard once that, the greatest miracle in life is to look into eachothers eyes for just an instant.

For two years now I’ve walked around waiting for inspiration to strike yet its time to just put pen to paper, fingertip to key and WRITE!

I heard once that goldfish can actually grow up to three feet but never actually do just because their tank isn’t big enough; Their growth is stunted and they die before they ever reach their potential.

The Goldfish Syndrome I fear more then anything. I don’t doubt the existence of God or that heaven is a place where flowers boom all year long and music is in our bones just as much as it in our ears, and everyone will understand each other one hundred percent, even animals, but we can still be alone if we want to, but I fear so much dying without growing all the way or doing all I intended.

I have no idea yet what to write about. I hope though, a homeless person could feel at home, and someone with a big house to feel without one for a moment, and high school kids to feel like they have a friend, and parents to feel like its okay their still growing up and elderly people to see that humanity is still on their side.

So today Im starting to write! And with it I wish for all people and fish alike to leave their tanks and find the ocean!


Erin Jane Hellion said...

GOOD LUCK MARNI! I know you will write a wonderful book! I cant wait to read it someday!

Sarah Beth said...

Marni, every time I read your blog you leave me in 'wow'. I LOVE to read your blog and see all the wonderful things you are doing! You inspire me :) You are such an awesome girl! I hope you all the best with your book. Good for you!