Home: more than a place to put your stuff

Every time I leave Hawaii I cant help but shed a tear. I feel so blessed to call her home for the larger part of the year. It really is a special place, I would even venture to call it a magical one. The older I get though the more I find it true that home is infact much more then a place to put your stuff.
Here are a few of my favorite things that make Hawaii home...

the sunsets

playing outside

foot technitians
my house and the love in it

the wildlife

my wonderful roomate family


dinner parties

feeling alive! What I miss most about Hawaii though is always the people! Thank you everyone for filling my life in Hawaii with comfortable couches, ones that I never want to leave! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family members watching out for me all over the world!

"A friend may be reckoned the masterpiece of nature" - Ralph Waldow Emerson

Welcome to the beach!

Since Ive been back in Washington, Im so very impressed by our fully stocked refrigerator, hot showers, and how you can drop crumbs of banana cake on the counter and not worry about ants marching in, however, Hawaii beaches are awfully hard to beat. My friend Miles came 0ut to visit the first few days of my return on his way home to Salt Lake. It was nice to have a buddy here for a little while.

While Miles was here we thought it would be fun to do the undergroud tour of Seattle, which is the old city before it burned down. My grandma warned me it was spooky, its a shame I didnt heed her council. Imagine wandering around in someones half finished basement with some black and whites on the walls. Sorry to be so cynical! But at the expense of being closterphobic, I did learn a few things.

The city burned down on account of this boy was celebrating Sweedens Independence day in a carpentry workshop. He tried to put out a grease fire with water. I guess this is a no no. Soon the whole city was ash. This shows that the power of one truly is great! Luckily no one was injured. Number two, I learned sometimes things truly do have to get worse before they get better. For instance, Seattle apparently had a flooding problem before the fire. Since old Seattle burned down, flooding isnt a problem since now were more above sea level. So without the big blaze, Seattle perhaps wouldnt be the prosperous city we know today!

Im smiling here because its the end!
Out of all the things in Seattle, Miles loved this the most! He wanted to gaze at this 78 story wonder for about a half an hour. Its funny how we all find beauty in different things. I was thinking to myself ,"Whats the big deal?" while Miles on the other hand was completley "floored". I really enjoy traveling by boat! We rode the ferry downtown. It was a lovely day! My grandma likes to use the world lovely whenever possible. If theres anyting to be deemed truly "lovely" in this world, its her.

My lovely great grandma gladys , who coincidentally is famous for her roses.

My aweomse grandpa Roger and lovely Grandma Charleen. I always thought my grandma looked just like Jackie O in her younger years. She is so beautiful and the gentlest person Ive ever known. Like a butterfly! I want to be like her!

sometimes flowers smell so good I wish I could dive into them. monica too loves grandmas roses, who doesnt!
My grandparents took me out to this place Arnies when I got back. They always know of all these awesome places to go. They are always very classy. They always have a way of making you feel special.

I love my grandparents! They also make me rest assure that there is beauty to be found in all stages in life. When I hear them talk about when they were "growing up" it makes me think of my numbered days, and if Im making memories worth sharing someday.

The Mahi Mahi seemed like an old friend to me from Hawaii. It seems you cant just transition from one place to another cold turkey, you have to ease into it! So ofcourse my taste buds told me to order this!

One great thing about being home is our band Platinum Moon is back together. One day my good friend Emily and I in highschool thought it would be funny to get stage names, I was named Shiela Platinum and she was Red Moon .
Red & Shiela in highschool.

Supposedly everyone’s happy on the first day of summer. I concurr and so did Emily, who said the serotonin levels were through the roof!

Emily always says things that aren’t meant to be funny but are always hilarious. For example, she said in Europe her dad was washing his underwear in the sink because he only brings two pairs on account of he hates to pack. (I thought that part was funny) She said her families like, “dad we need to use that sink!” Anyway the point of her story was her family was being loud in Europe and the hotel man came to their room and Emily’s dad came out of the bathroom in his underwear at the same time saying “whose making all that noise?!”

Anyway Platinum Moon is hoping to hold auditions for a drummer, feel free to visit our site (may be a bit misleading, someone we "toured with" emailed us and didn't remember our 23 million copy success)



AJ said...

Hi marni,
I found you just hoping from blog to blog. I am too living in WA. We are in Woodinville and I teach in Redmond but it is summer so I am a nanny in Issaquah! I think you live here, not sure but maybe. Anyway it would be spectacular spectacular if you want to get together sometime.

p.s. if you don't remember me this is Aj. I was roommates with Momi and friends with Kaitlyn. I hope you remember me otherwise I will feel really creepy.


anyway hope you are having fun at home.

Nathan said...

I love reading "Marni's Monologues" or "the Vail Voice" or, wait, my favorite,"the Marnilogues." All the same, really.