Man vs Wild

Camping out has spawned such talk of the "nose jacket". Im not sure this has been invented yet, but if it hasnt pattening is happening RIGHT NOW.

Maya and me have been trying to break the world record for consecutive nights of camping out. Sadly this record was cut short after heavy thunder and lightning storms blew in that left us retreating to our parents room.

We fashioned a tent out of some tarps and the closeline running along our gate in the back yard. Maya is so handy. She puts me to shame as a boy scout. We used pencils and screws and anything we could find for stakes.

All of this came about becase of such stress I was having. I still havnt found a sturdy job and Ive been home 2 weeks now. All this excess time has made me feel quite anxious. To release all this excess energy I have been digging a hole in the backyard. This hole became a fire pit and fire pits ensnues CAMPING!!

But back to the nose jacket though,
We always feel bundeled to perfection at night except for the very tip of the nose. At first the production team thought the nose jacket should take on a gel form, almost like a cucumber mask, then they decided it ought to be something like one of those snoring strips but larger with heat, simmilar to a large bandaid. Then the nose jacket was born, it has yet it go onto the market, but test models are available.

We talk late into the night about such things and surprisingly when we wake up to the sounds of birds singing, the ideas sound even better. I love waking up to the sound of birds! It sounds cliche but there really is nothing better, I like it so much because it makes me feel as if were a part of the wild.

Here I am initiating some new members of our camp out.

Ruby Rose

Nola Louise

The first night we spent the night in the great outdoors was rather humorous.
To be absolutely authentic we needed smore stuff and snacks so we ventured to QFC at 1:30 and wandered around for about an hour. Then we ran out of gas and I felt so bad for my parents who had to come bail us out from the side of the road at 2:30 in the morning.

Crisis always teaches you about people. You dont truly know someone until you have seen them in crisis. My parents were confused but luckily not mad!

I love hanging out with Maya. Monica has been on vacation for the past week so its just the two of us plus the dogs. I dont know how much she likes hanging out with me but I always have fun with her. I found these videos from Christmas break that I thought were funny. We wanted to do a special on classy canines. Summer will bring about a whole new series. Stay tuned!
This feature :
Classy Cannines: Cristmas syle.
Also stay tuned this summer for:
Dogs in Heat (Dogs enjoying the hot months of summer)


Moni said...

you two are so CUTE

Brain. said...

Marni, you are the best.

justin as story said...

marni lets have more adventures in the fall..... also i think you're pretty special.

Aly said...

I MISS YOU!!! Why couldnt we have been friends sooner and roomies longer!

Kathleen said...

That looks so fun! Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to report that the kitties are getting so big. They'll be all grown up by the time you get back.