I felt like I accomplished so little yesterday. But I did do alot of writing. Here is a poem about the color Yellow.

I am a lover of the color yellow.
It gives life to all but it is the quickest to fade.
Its like that certain saying nothing gold can stay.
Buttecups. Remember the shine on the chin of a young butter lover?
Or rainboots, hardly ever worn for storms
Baby Chicks fresh out of their nests,
Sunlight kissing my cheeks all day,
The moon light glows yellow,
And tucks me in at night.

Mcdonnalds arches and daisy faces,
lemondrops and stars.
My first dog, her fluffy coat,
A crown for a king, the shine of a coin.

The ribbon round the old oak tree,
A nightlight to protect me. Im still afraid of the few passing hours without yellow.

Im bringing home a baby bumbelbee. Wont my mommy be so proud of me?

Yellow buses pick us up,
Yellow circles slow us down,
Everything grows up, I hope yellow will slow me down,
My favorite drinking glass,
The color of Happiness.


We celebrated my roomate Kaitlyns Birthday! She is a whopping twenty two. Kaitlyn reminds me of the color yellow. Not just because of her big blonde hair but because she can brighten any and everything. We had an ice cream party to celebrate. Here I presented her with a small paiting I did of a pony tailed European man. She seemed to enjoy this sort of thing. Afterwards we wound down with some yoga and massages. I love Kaitlyn. I am so greatful she is my roommate. She loves to give hugs and lots of them. What a blessing it is to live with a yellow haired Birthday girl with a yellow colored heart. I love you Kaitlyn!

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