Life as a Scout

A practical joker thought it was so halarious to spell YAM and AMY. But really these are May day cookies! Happy MAY!

I am loving life in my new house! It provides for a very serene vibe. Living here life has just been an uphill journey of happiness. We had a mini house warming/ talent night to break things in! We also attempted sushi in the new abode. It wasn't as good as my mommy's but it was a valiant effort I think.

Our friend Jessica came to visit with us from Idaho!

I love friends and the beach and PIZZA!

I love when people come to visit as it makes you look at the world as if your seeing it for the first time too, and enjoy more your beautiful surroundings. It is so refreshing to have visitors!
The Beutiful view at the Haiau by Pupukea.

For a sunday activity we wanted to show Jess turtles. I had so much fun playing on the rocks, and we were able to get a few close accounts!

My most latest passion is Widdling! The beaches are full of ideal drift wood. So on our last trip to Walmart, I didnt come home empty handed. With the pocket knife as my guide I joined the ranks of the RBSA (the Reorganized boyscouts of America). This was a big day for me, a scout passing from boy hood to man. My license to widdle. This can be revoked any time knife safety is tampered with. Here she is. The crowned jewl herself just under the glass casing. Widdling the Mona Lisa proved to be a bit ambitious for a new cub like myself. The detailing in the face was so messy I decided to make mine a shell. Nathans old man face however was impecable and also served as a whistle. Here are some pictures from a recent scout outing, or should I say scouting. Meet the Scouts..


Scout Master Riding


Our yummy lunch!

For Mothers Day all the scouts performed Give said the little Stream in Church, It is dedicated to our mothers! This was also sung at my parents wedding, an old favorite.

This song is for you Mama!

Merit Badge #2 ANIMAL RESCUE
The kitten rescue happened just on the way to the beach. My friend Miles and I were biking when suddenly there was a voice- our friend Zane standing at the bus stop said that there were kittens in danger. We soon heard for ourself distant cries. The mewing was coming from the Kam Highway. Everyone knows a highway is no place for kittens. So we adopted them, or foster homed them for a time.

It is so cool to see how prayers are answered. The night before, I was thinking I was terminally ill again as I often do when there is something slight off , but anyway my prayers for comfort were answered in the most delightful way. The best remedy for helping yourself as it is often said is to help others. So though this was a "kitten rescue", they truly rescued me! I belive they were a true gift from heaven.

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die! I know this is bad but mantra, but I didn't die and still had lots of fun on what I thought was my last night on earth !
They look frightening, but dont let their rough exterior fool you. They were our own creation of oatmeal cookies plus mixed berries- quite tasty and healthy I might add.

Here is the next day.. Heaven sent in the form of two furry angels!

Gepeto (later renamed Gepetta as we found out he was a she!)

One of the surrogate fathers- Clark.Potty training.
The kitties ate "ravionously" as if they had never seen food before. There is a kitten hiding somewhere in here.
Arnt they cute?!
Another one of my favorite things- the first grade! The reading and writing program at our Elementary school ended :( so this was my last day. It was bittersweet to say the least but I learned so much! Also at the elementary school-we were in relay for LIFE! I loved this! Ive never had cancer but there have been many times where I thought I did. More importantly there are so many amazingly people who have, so this was really for them. This was really awesome. My accountant roommate Meagan calculated about 47 laps, around this mini track. Every stride was alot of fun. I am so thankful for my good health, wonderful friends, family and for life!

This story has a happy ending..
A family! Kathleen whos kitty just passed, gained two additions to her family. I am so happy as she is a wonderful person and I know she is an excellent mommy!


Moni said...

Marni!!! THe cats are so precious!!!! I am sooo glad you saved them... Oh my goodness!!

Trina said...

Hi Marni,

It's been such a long time since I've been to your blog or anyone's blog for that matter, but it took a while to get through it all. You are still in Hawaii! I thought you'd go home for the summer. Are you going to school? You're still having fun and you're still as positive and creative as. What a joy! Happy Summer!