"I dont know why you say goodbye I say Hello!"

Goodbye is a word I refrain from at all costs. I HATE saying goodbyes! See ya laters are really all they are though. I had to bid adue to many of my favorite people this week.

My family scooped up Monica and took her back with them, then Momi and seth and Baby Sol and seven of my ten roommates moved, among them.. me! Change is good though I suppose. Even our favorite things- like ice cream- if we ate it everyday we would surely grow tired of the taste. "Variety is the spice of life!" Endeavoring to live an awfully spicy life, one filled with all different kinds of zesty seasons, I say bring on the cha cha cha changes..

On my last outing with my family we took baby Sol to the Beach and Seth went surfing while Me and Momi chatted on shore.

On Jennys last day we got up early with the sun and both Jenny and I love quotes, so we read quotes about Great women, I highly recommend the book, "One Bright Shining Hope" By gordon B Hinkley. The pictures are just as beautiful as the prophets words.

We also made a delicious crepe breakfast. Jenny is moving to Jerusalem this upcomming semesester! She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. If she were an animal she would be a butterfly as she is so very soft, and gentle yet is so strong in all that she does (butterfilies may seem weak but the ones that actually make it out of the cocoon are top knoch). Jenny is also a graduate of culinary school so I love that she shares her many talents with me!

speaking of buterflies and cocoons. At times there are cocoon moments in my life when I feel anxious at the idea of standing still. It might appear I am just "loafing around" but really, underneath I like to think that I'm being prepared for something big.

“We all must have restful periods of incubation and calm. You’re meant to enjoy this time to relax and quietly grow, or simply catch your breath a while. Inactivity helps you gather energy so that you can take yourself to a whole new level in life. You’ll need these stores of energy so that, in the right time and place, you’ll be able to take off and fly high.”

widdle baby needs a changie wangey (this is baby speak, also can be used on small animals) My voice magically transforms to this baby speak even in my mind when I think of baby Sol.

My friend Brennan left this week too. We had kind of a funeral service for him on the day of his departure. We had everyone sit around in a circle and say a memory of him. RIP BRENNAN MOORE

If Brennan was a food he would be instant noodles. My Brennan memory was : I met Brennan walking to school one day listening to an awesome song, Brennan happened to be walking to school too, so we shared an i pod and were instant friend ever since!

Some things, most are so much better when they are shared. (It even works with Ice cream, which even tastes better when yours isn't the only spoon in the carton. Life is always better with a friend!

Monicas and my favorite pastime is snack time! Exibit A: here we are making the family specialty haystacks. I loved having a little sister here with me, and hate the idea of separation. But what a wonderful thing family is, that we are connected wherever we go.

Till we meet again! Wonderful Friends and Family. I always think that my life is comming to an end when people I love leave. But really that just makes room for new people to love I suppose. Like flowers I guess, each one has their season. I heard once the sounds of life are like an old creaky door, goodbye to something is always hello to something new, "Goodbye Hello, Goodbye Hello" or simply as the Beatles would say, "I dont know why you say goodbye, I say Hello!"

Aloha oi! La la la la la, until we meet again!

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Erin Jane Hellion said...

Marni! I miss you! I had to laugh when I read this last post because you are wearing all of my old clothes in these pictures and at first I just thought "WOW, we have a lot of the same stuff..." and then I realized I dont really have those things anymore!! HAHA Marni- you are a beautiful person and I just miss you!