Family photoshoot

I love my family! It was so much fun to have everyone under the same roof again. The one downside of Hawaii is the family is so far away. Things I miss most: my mommys cooking and love, sleepovers with all the sisters, dads offbeat humor, the puppies and much much more. Since we are only all together once or twice in a blue moon we had a photoshoot! It is kind of hard to get the whole family cordinated, but our skilled photographer, Nathan helped us take some great shots.

PRIDE ROCK! (the lion king)

Young Simba

some jungle animals



Trina said...

Wow! What a beautiful family! Your sister's and your Mom are all just gorgeous. It's awesome that your family got to come spend some time in Hawaii. We're hoping to come over for graduation. What a fun life you lead. I can't imagine college life being any more fun than what you and Shea make it. Good luck on finals! Tell Tommy Jordan hello and congratutlations to both of you on the ice cream contest. :)

Jade said...

Cute family! You and the sister just under you are like twins. So pretty! I especially love the picture of your whole family jumping! What good sports your parents are. Those are some great ideas for our families next photo shoot! Oh congrats on the ice cream eating contest! I am so impressed! I love Tommy Jordan. Will you tell him hi for me?