Conference Weekend

Ice Cream Eating Challenge

My friend Tommy Jordan every year hosts this ice cream eating contest during our churches General Conference. I was honored when he asked me if I would be his partner as he has been the raining champ twice in the 2 years of the competition.

We went head to head with 6 other competators. All competing for the title of fastes ice cream eaters plus, the whoever finished the fastest would win a surf board!

This year the ice cream contest recieved more publicity then ever. The newspaper was even there (School newspaper that is)

Towards the end of the competition "the raining champ (my partner)"'s left sinus froze, and left me alone for the rest room. This left me in a state of panic. However, this actually turned out to be great because I was so worried about falling behind as a one man team I ate twice as fast to try and make up for our slight disadvantage.

After four intensly cold minutes me and Tommy finished our ice cream won!
We are now joint owners of a surf baord! It was the best feeling in the world! Not winning really but just doing something that I didnt know I could do. Maybe similar to running a marathon.
I learned that sometimes just when you think its over (Tommy Leaving me solo) its just about to get better. I love this quote: Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn

The Ride of Our lives

After the ice cream eating challenge I was feeling a little "heavy" at that point and it seemed some anarobic exercise was in order. My sisters, and our friends Nathan, Brennan and Vada all came on what I like to call the Ride of our lives- A four hour journey down the road to this place Sharks Cove.

The beauty of the world seems so much inhanced from the seat of a bike. Its one thing to see the sights out of a car window, but its a whole other when you actually feel a part of nature.

We took a few pit stops on the side of the road. Anytime the strength of your body is tested it makes you so greatful to be healthy. Nathan was the leader on the way home and I broght up the rear. It was so funny when I closed my eyes that night to go to sleep all I could see was people pedaling!

When we got there we freshened up with some snacks and then quickly hurried back. Nathan and I performed in his sisters wards talent show so the ride back we were on auto pilot. After awhile my legs felt like J-E-L-L-O.
Talent Show

We made it home just in time for the talent night. Nathan and I sang a medley of old favorites- blue moon, stand by me and the lion king song, complete with AwemaWays. It was so much fun. Nate is a musician! He is always such a good sport as last minute I always ask him to accompany me. I was so lucky to have him perform with me on percussion and back up vocals.
I loved this day. Days like this make it so good to be alive. I was able to do so many of my favorite things all in one. Eating mass ice cream in the morning, pedaling with fury through the afternoon and then singing by night. Life is so good!


Moni said...

Marni - LOVE the BLOGGG and ice cream eating.. yummmmms

Anna K. said...

Yay! Fun life! I want to go on a bike ride! Want to do it again?