Winter Ball

It always seems like everything in my life is last minute. I dont know if this is good or bad, but I guess this always keeps things interesting. My friend Michael had to work at this prom kind of thing, Winterball at our school, like a highchool homecomming but in my opinion, better! I decied I would come along a few hours before the boat took off. Michael got in for free since he had to work. It was hardly work though, he just had to wear this ear piece. At first he was obedinetly wearing it, but then he just took it off, as the airways were all fuzz, very rebellious.

The ball was aboard this ship called the Star of Hawaii. I truly felt like a star as we set sail across the ocean blue at 500 knots ( boating terms). We just cruised around for a few hours and then came back but it was so fun!

It took me a little while to get my sea legs.

Luckily dancing on land or on boat is equally thrilling. I thought this picture was funny.

I had alot of fun aboard the Star! (She is in a bit dim but in backroud)

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