Oh happy march!

Oh happy March!
When a baby is born, the whole world seems to stop whatever its doing to make way for this little miracle. Since every second of every day a baby is being born, perhaps it isn’t overly ambitious to say that every second is a miracle

Hospitals are probably my least favorite places in the world. Everything is so sterile it seems almost unfriendly and all those metal tools that give our warm skin a rude awakening, they give me the chills to say the least. Walking from one end of the hospital to the other I passed many families with tears flooding their eyes, arms around each other. I was reminded then that this hospital was a place not only for arrivals but also one for departures, a lot like an airport. Our family was so fortunate to be in the birthing center that day.

It is so interesting how places can have personalities too. Like walking where a battle was once fought, you can feel a place. Walking from the far end of the hospital and into the birthing center was transformational. I literally felt a heavy weight through all the hallways up until the Birthing center. The most positive feelings came over me there, as the walls were “screaming” with new life.

Since witnessing the birth of a child isn’t something that I’m able to experience every day, there still are so many wonderful little things that make life amazing.

Just the other day I was walking by myself it was getting dark. Right as my feet hit the curb of the sidewalk a street light turned on over head! Its times like this that I truly feel blessed and watched over. Like that street light was turned on just for me. Or when I catch a glimpse of a leaf falling from its home amongst branches to its new home on the earth, its like a behind the scenes look at the world spinning. I almost feel like a spy as watching these miracles unfold!

The world is so beautiful!

One day some of my friend brennan went exploring near Waimea beach. We saw the most beautiful things! Amongst them, a Peacock

He was rather sheepish with Brennan.

Me Chelsea and Pearl (Chelsea is the harrier of the two).
Pearl and Chelsea are a pair that can brighten anyones day. We were so lucky to meet them on our adventure to Waimea. One thing I miss so much about living at home in Washington is my doggies. Chelsea was such a sport bounding into Brennan and my arms, back and fourth we beckoned her till she was panting and her hair was all mussed up. We really wore her out! I missed my dogs so much after that. I watch this when I miss my home in Washington/puppies...

I love Hawaii though! It seems near impossible to have a bad day living here. There is beauty out the window and within my walls. I love my roomates and I love the Sunrises and sunsets here! Sunrises are always such a wonderful reminder that life goes on no matter what. I like to think of sunrises as a blank canvas. Everyday starts out beautiful, but its up to us to keep it that way. My friend Brooke had this saying her principal always said, she would say, "make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours!" and it truly is!

There is something just so scrumptious about a babies hands and feet. My sister and seth ask in a non morbid way which body part we would like to eat. As for me, I LOVE THE FEET and HANDS! Whenever I look at baby Sols hands I always think to myself, "these hands will do great things". Admiring the bead size toes I always think, of all the great places these little feet will take him one day.

BYU Idol is something that happens every year at our school. This semester they renamed it Youve Got Talent but dont worry, it was the same thing performing under the scrutiny of judges and a very demaning audience. When I went as an audeince member last year all i could think about was how badly I wanted to be on stage so I promised myself that next time I would get in on it. I almost missed this oppurtunity by a hair. Luckily the day before someone told me about it and the girl in charge of it happend to be a former co workers so she let me slip through without trying out. Thank heavens for connections.

My roommates were a great support!

I wanted to perform my karioki favorite-Whitney Houston- I wanna dance with somebody. I realize she is a bit out of my vocal range but the song is so good I coudnt resist. My vision was to have backup dancers adhereing to Whitneys call of "dancing with somebody" so I asked some of my friends to be in it with me but when show time came, the majority of my dancers got cold feet. But ofcourse the show must go on! I didnt know it yet but another blessing was yet underway. To my utter shock when I qued the remianing faithful backupdancers to come on stage, one of them being my brother in law seth, and my friends Nathan, Hoon and Ryan, a whole bunch of dancers appared out of no where! I was so shocekd but so happy! Seth really came through getting all the choreography down, he is the best brother ever!

When I was little (and secretly still) I always wanted to be a singer and when I was up there all I could think was- My dreams are comming true! you might be able to watch a little bit here:

Momi turned 22 this month! She is one of the kindest most compassionate people I have ever met. When I was little my number one goal was always to be taller than her. I’m not sure if it’s due to religious milk drinking or simply a matter of genetics but I have surpassed her height for some time now. Even though inches will beg to differ, I still look up to her!

For breakfast Seth took Momi, Monica and I out to Turtle Bay hotel and we had huge breakfasts! It was so beautiful and so much fun! I loved the fresh fruit and waffles the best!

I am so greatful to live close to my sisters. It was so much fun to celebrate together. We spent the day snorkeling and later had a party for her. Though she’s not even 2 years older than me I have learned so much from her. What a blessing it is to have someone just a few steps in front of you, it makes everything less daunting. After seeing her take on child birth I don’t think there is anything she can’t do. Love you Momi!

I don’t believe in the harming of animals in any way, so if you don’t either perhaps refrain from reading this next paragraph.

I’m not sure why I agreed to go, but some friends asked if I wanted to go Spear fishing. I had never been before so I thought it sounded fun to just to go, and watch. It was fun to swim and snorkel but like hunting I will never understand killing for the sake of killing. One of the friends, the bloodthirsty Curtis as I like to call him now, decided to harpoon this miniature angel fish, (I think it is Dory). This beautiful little yellow fish was struggling on his spear. I won’t go into graphic detail, but it was awful! After that he had holes in his side and Curtis released him back into the wild, I was shocked! They say fishes only have 2 second memories so cross your fingers that little yellow fish has forgotten this trauma and is pressing forward with his life. Anyway after this happened spear fishing wasn’t fun for me anymore.

Playing in the shallows lead me to a great discovery, sea cucumbers!

This month I got my first taste of real teaching. At Laie elementary school I’m just a helper but my first grade teacher Mrs. Youngblood is so awesome and lets me put in my 2 cents for activities for the kids. We learn about a new country each week so "this land is your land" seemed suitable.

Even though I was the one giving a brief history in the beginning- about how people didn’t always know how to share with each other, it was the kids that brought the words to life, teaching me what it really means to share yourself with the people around you.

When I looked out at these young faces singing so triumphantly, “this land was made for you and me” I believe the kids truly belived what they were saying. I wish the whole world could have their same enthusiasm!

We collected toilet paper rolls to make maracas so the children could be on percussion.

How much more peaceful I’m sure the world would be if it were run by first graders. Maybe a little messier, but for sure more filled with love. I love the first grade!

I did some modeling this month! Well kind of, my friend's have this really cool clothing business. It is still a little underground, but I think it will get big!

Nathan is a professional.

The website is: http://stores.ebay.com/Delmer-Vintage

Our friends Stephanie and Mia came out to visit us and to see baby Sol. It was so much fun to have them here. It seemed as though they came and went. Good friends can make any place home.

We had delicious crapes for breakfast at my house!

After Baby Sol was born I wanted to dedicate a song to him. There was an open mic night at school so I sang “What a wonderful World” with my friend Nathan. I love this song so much, it truly is a wonderful World. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in it. Happy March Everyone!

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