Sol is so incredible!

If there is such thing as heaven on earth, it is safe to say that such a place exists with the life of a new born baby.

Momis little baby Sol came into the world on Saturday night, the night befor Easter. It was such an incredible experience. Monica, Me and Seth went to the hospital at 4 AM and anxiously awaited his birth at around 7:30PM. Trying to sleep during this time, seemed near impossible. I kept thinking while waiting, this must be the calm befor the storm. Momi made birth look like a piece of cake. She showed such great strength! After about 15 minutes of hard work, Sol came peacefully into the world. When I first saw him open his eyes it was like witnessing a miracle.

When the doctor pulled him out it was like a magic trick. As if she was Houdini, she kept pulling out more and more of this little person. First this cute little head, it was kind of oblong at first, I guess this is normal, and then these arms and then suddely these long legs. He is going to be tall I think. He was 7 pounds 11 ounces and I think 22 inches.

When I hold little Sol in my arms I can feel his precious little chest rise and fall and cant help but wonder if hes dreaming of angels. He is so pure there is nothing comparable. I only want to think the best thoughts when I hold him as I can feel his spirit, perhaps he can feel mine too. He is so innocent and foreign to our strange world, I only want him to know the good.

I feel he will be such a peacefull person, like Momi. Even in the face of child birth she remained so calm and optimistic.

We all love him so much. I cant seem to get enough of him. Its like getting a new puppy but ten times better. You always just want to be around them even if all you can do is stare at them.

When I hold him I sing, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." Since his name is Sol (the Sun) I like to replace sunshine with his name. I think he likes this version best (He doesnt know, but this is his first lesson in spanish).

Being an auntie is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I dont think life gets much better. This Easter was the best ever. What better way to celebrate and remember the life of our Savior then with a new life. I love Sol!


Trina said...

Congratulations to you and your family! It's true, newborns are like God's way of opening the veil for a short time. They're so awesome. Have fun with him!

The Finer Things Club (FTC) said...

Marn- Your hilarious! I love this.. you have such a great way of articulating feelings- all the metaphors just bring the emotions alive. The boy looks beautiful! I love the open mouth shot. Just great..Aww.. I wish the best for the new fam. What a blessing a baby is =)

The Finer Things Club (FTC) said...

ps.. this is Brookie=) - I'm apart of the finer things club: provo chapter. You should check it out and perhaps start ur own club in ur neck of the woods =)It's very enriching and fun.

Jade said...

Oh so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. That brought back so many amazing feelings and memories of Tate's birth. There seriously is NOTHING better. Well I take it back, it keeps getting better everyday. I am so happy for you and your family!

Monique said...

AHHH as always, I love the little ones, and I love the VAIL girls so much!!! yay congrats congrats! I talked to momi yesterday.. she is so peaceful...
ahh love you!

tannerthanyou22 said...

marni. reading this gave me goosebumps. you might be one of my favorite people. i love you. -clark