11/26 thanksgiving week

Dear wonderful family,
AH!  I screamed and jumped up and down to see Chai baby!  I am in love with him!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations Momi and Seth!  He is perfect.  I want to hold him right now!!!!!
So this week I know Heavenly Father has blessed me so much.  I bawled for like the first three nights without my best friend Sister Stevenson, panicked because I don't know how to be the senior companion, but I feel okay now and I really feel Heavenly Father is with me here.  I felt like when Sister Stevenson left who had been in Japan for a year and a half, like I was  a baby bird being pushed out of my nest, or like someone has just taken my training wheels off and I feel all wobbly but not because I don't know how to ride but just because I doubt if I can do it on my own without someone holding on to the back.
But Sister Stankosky is great.  She is from Ohio and she likes cats and anime and teaches me lots of things. I'm excited to work with her!
I love our ward and living in Nakano so close to the Honbu.  We had "long time no see American food" on Thanksgiving with President Budge and his family.  Excuse me that I am eating in EVERY PHOTO. embarrassing.
I sent a picture of a couple of my favorite people in our ward, Hikari-chan and Chi-chan.  I sat with them on Sunday.  We usually have some sort of eating thing after church.  And they just reminded me of little middle-aged women just chatting about life and what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Chi-chan wants to be a hairdresser and Hikari-chan wants to be a designer.  They were both so darling telling me "senkyoshi ni naritai!" "   ("we want to be missionaries!")  That made me so happy.
President Eyring prophesied that a change would come from the members so I really have a strong testimony that this is true, and that the gospel will be spread through these wonderful good people.  The Japanese people are so incredible, I want to be just like them!
This Saturday we made a cheesecake with our sweet friend Madoka who we met on the train a few months ago and then had a lesson.  While we were discussing about Christ all of a sudden we had a big earthquake.  It was a 4.9 one, I'm still not so used to those.  Madoka is such a beautiful person. She kind of reminds me of Monica.  This week we asked four people to be baptized and one said no, but the other three said yes!  I know we have many things to teach them still, but it made me see that if we have the plan of happiness, and we present it simply enough, why wouldn't people want to have eternal life and happiness? 
I'm trying hard right now to focus on teaching simply, and clearly and trying to do my best to keep my life clean and worthy so the spirit can work though me, because that's the only way we can do anything.
This mission is the best!!!!!!!  I love it so much and I love waking up everyday and not knowing what friend we will meet or what will happen, but I love knowing that we can make a difference in someone's life.  The mission is soooo great! 
I am so thankful to be a new auntie!!!!!  Love each and everyone of you so much.
matta ne!

vail shimai

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