Opening doors

Dear Family
I love being a missionary!!!!!!
Sister Stevenson and I have had lots of adventures lately.  One of the best things we did this week is we went back to my old area,Kichijoji and all the youth got together to do a mission prep.  We went on splits with kids 22 and younger kids so they could practice what it would be like to be a missionary.  I loved it. My companion was named Hitomichan and she was 19 years old.  I felt like I saw the future of Japan when I looked into their faces,
One of the things I never realized I would be doing on my mission was baking.  In Japanese culture its almost rude to show up without a gift for someone, so we are always throwing together brownies, or banana muffins or cookies in big batches so we have something to give upon our arrival to peoples houses.  I really feel like every single thing in my life has prepared me to be a missionary at this place at this time, even having all those bake sales!
This week I learned so much about how Heavenly Father wants to perform miracles in our lives but he can't if we are not first keeping all his commandments and second if we do not havebelieving hearts.  On the way home from a conference in Shibuyathis week I was chatting to people on the train and I had an interesting experience.  I tried talking to this lady and she was so rude to me.  Which is surprising because actually most all people in Japan have extremely good manners and will at least talk to you, even if they aren't interested in your message.  Anyway, she was sort of picking at my Japanese and then I noticed out of the corner of my eye a cute lady smiling at me and StevensonShimai, and so I just MOVED.  I think that's they key.  It's easy for me to get hung up and sad but just MOVE ON, we have to!  Add I felt so much better that instead of wasting time feeling sad, I got to enjoy this next lady who was so pleasant and I was thankful that I learned that rejection is nothing to be embarrassed about.
I think that the mission is like opening mystery doors.  You don'tknow who is standing behind everyone, so you just have to knock on all of them.  I have faith someone IS waiting!  I decided to just organize myself and set the stage for a miracle to happen and then trust Heavenly Father to do the rest. 
I'm having a blast though everyday. 
The other day while riding my bike home I realized how much faith is a choice.  We can choose doubt and fear and second guess ourselves or we can simply choose to believe.  I love this scripture in D&C 101:16
"Let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion for all flesh is in mine hands, be still and now that I am god"
I love my life I love all of you!


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