Aloha Sweet Familia

hey family
So it's finally cooling off over here. In fact, the past few nights I've been sleeping in my fleece pajamas and down comforter.  Everyday I fall more in love with this life.  Sister Stevenson says its hard for her to remember life before her mission (she only has 6 weeks left). 
This week we met up with one of my best friends, Youchanfrom Kichijoji.  She is so wonderful and always calls me her American daughter.  When she met my new companion, she instantly loved her too. She even said the words, "you caught my heart like an eagle".  She is very sweet.  She took us to this Tokyo government building in Shinjuku and it was about 45 stories tall.  You could see all of Tokyo.  People are really into heights around here.  When Youchan hugged me at thetrain station it felt like coming home. 

I love being a missionary.  I shared the Book of Mormon with a lady from Taiwan while waiting for Sister Stevenson to go to the bathroom.  It was kind of funny but really anywhere you go there are people who are really looking for truth.  We saw a lot of miracles this week.  Our friend Elder Hebero from Brazilbroke his arm arm wrestling.  He said that his own muscles broke his bone and it snapped like bamboo so he had to have surgery. Anyone this man we randomly met, a few weeks later, he was in the same hospital and was in the bed next tohebero chorro and then met us again.  anyway you really can see how people are being guided to us. 
Anyway life is good.  Sorry I don't have too much time. 
I love my life and I'm so thankful to be here.
lots of love

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