so long farewell avita say goodbye

Its 3 am and I have my farewell talk tomorrow! How do times like these just seem so far away and then suddenly they sneak up on you?!  I must grow out of these night owl ways at once!

I just got home from Hawaii yesterday, after a 2 week get away. I absolutley loved it. But at the same time going there confirmed my feelings about going on a mission. Thats where I feel like I need to be.

My frist Sunday there I went to peep in on my old ward and my bishop called me up to speak and then called me up again at the end to get sung Aloha oi to,  with everyone else who was leaving. I think I got 50+ hugs that day and felt 'no wonder I didnt want to leave Hawaii'.  Its such a magical place, always will be. Not to mention, on the main land physical touch is limited.

I loved riding a bike again, and just relaxing and taking it easy with my sisters. They are the cutest.

Momi is the best and I want to be just like her.  She is s such a mom to me in that she always wants me to get out and have great experiences.  Her priorities also seem to be in exact order: family and creating beautiful experiences for herself and those around her.  She is so creative, fun, courageous, smart, strong and beautiful.

She picked me up from the airport and we laughed all the way down the likiliki highway. I wished I could stay kind of but I want to grow and get stronger.  Laie is such a sweet little community and I hope I can be lucky enough to be back sooner then later.

It was super rainy for most of the first week I was there, so we went to alot of movies.  We watched the Lorax, loved this quote from the "once-ler"

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not. 

I was able to finally meet Emily sweet little baby Pono.  So happy for them. Em has taught me so much about life and how much I have to look forward to.  She is one of the most beautiful people that I know and nothing can ever break her sprit. 

She told me something Ive been thinking about alot. She told me that once she had Pono, she looked at everyone and everything different, because "everyone is someones child."

We did some touristy things like went to the Valley of the Temples. I wonder if this is what Japan will be like?!

Sol looks a bit like he is a member of the third reich.  I think its chocolate. But none the less, love these heavenly cutiepies.

I left on Momis Birthday and it was an awesome way to finish the trip. We went to this delish place in Haleiwa called Opal Thai.  So good and the service is impecable.  The waitor was a jem and even took the liberty of ordering for us and cracking jokes the entire time.

And Andrea made this delish cheescake. so yummy!

I love my sisters.  They are beautiful in so many ways.  Maya is only 17 and going to BYUH and just loving life.  She is living the college life and I tell her to live it up because seriously life slips by like water.

This is something I read today that I think is good to think about...

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. (George Eliot)

My last look at the ocean from Hawaii.  So long for now beautiful island!

So as of yesterday I am back to good old Washington.  Clark and his sweet dad are in town this week visiting and my friend Hyrum too from California came for the farewell. They are all so sweet and knowing they would be here made leaving Hawaii a little easier.

Today we went up to snoqualmie falls and toured around and then came home and had a delish salmon deluxe dinner. I feel so blessed. I feel like waterfalls of blessings have come into my life. I don't know where I summoned the courage to go on a mission, I dont think I did.  I seriously feel like I was given little pushes, like tiny rocks sticking out of a rock wall, a piece here, a piece there, like little experiences, that make me feel like, okay its going to be okay!  Everything we do seems to be done in that fashion.  Heavenly Father has just been there saying ,"Just one step at a time. You can do it!"

I am trying to bundle up all these good times, because surely there will be hard times ahead. Like a farmer gathering extra wheat for a time of famine. Ha. Ive been talking about my family history with Clark's dad today (we have similar pioneer ancestors in Canada). And it is late too.  But I am excited to be an instrument in heavenly fathers hands.

Being a nanny this past year, I always think about how the parents entrust me with their most precious possessions, their children. And going on a mission, feels a bit like that too, like I'm being entrusted with something very precious.

I am so grateful for each of you, and for all the ways you have touched and shaped my life. Farewell for now!


Meagan said...

Of course you would be a night owl the night before your farewell... I wouldn't expect you to be any other way! I wish that I could be there tomorrow/today and hear you speak. I am so glad that you got to go back to Hawaii before you head out! So proud of you Marns! Love you!

Brooke said...

Aww..Cute post! I can't wait until you make it to Provo! You and the Island do belong together I believe. :)
Favorite line: "physical touch is scarce on the mainland." ha! And Emily's thought--so powerful too. Also, you are going to love your mission. I just know it. Even though I haven't gone on one. ha. k let's talk soon!
All my love,

Amy Carlston said...

marni! first off, you are absolutely stunning. and i am so excited for you to share the gospel.. you have such a kind, loving spirit about you and i know you will touch many people! and how fun that you got to come back to hawaii before you go.. it looks like you had a blast. good luck marni.

Anna K. said...

Marni you are the most beautiful person I know and I am so happy for you!!