little people

I read this talk this morning "what manner of men ought ye to be?" and it was awesome. It talked about  how we need to BE the kind of people, we would want our children to be. Its so true.  Even with my auntiehood, I can already see how Cocobean carries around purses or is sweet to baby dolls, or wants to wear high heels just because she sees Momi and my sisters doing these things. And Solie always wants to try out our dance moves, help dice things in the kitchen, and use big words for his size, all because he sees us doing that.

I know every auntie is obsessed with their own kin. but I cant help it. 
I miss my pride and joy peeps.

I talked to this guy at a singles ward activity. His name was Erik and I was telling him about how Im having trouble growing up. Instead of telling me to go to a meeting and put on a power suit, he said, "dont worry, it will happen naturally"
He said, "Its like when your a little kid.  You run around doing little kid stuff.  Then one day your like, "I don't want to do that stuff anymore, its kidish."

 Erik said he used to like staying out late with friends, and then one day, he was like "Im tired, I just want to go home, and go to bed", so he did.  I guess thats how you go from being a little kid to having your own little people to love.

  One step at a time.

Ofcourse I  always want to be "young at heart" as they say and keep doing wild things. But I don't want ever to stay "tightly closed and a bud" not changing my whole life (A keys).  I want to bloom and blossom and experience every season. 

So I figure with being a parent- maybe adults just get bored and out grow wearing funny party hats and throwing huge birthdays for themselves. They just want to shower someone else with all that. Their joy isn't capped off, it just takes on another form- reincarnates itself into giving joy to someone else.

Everyone always thinks its the little people who need moms to wipe their noses and hold their hands and stuff, but really its the other way around too.  We need these little people.  Somehow they bring the most  joy and satisfaction to life. However it all works, Im greatful for them, they make growing up not so scary.  Its like if someone is scared you all of a sudden have no choice but to be brave, they are relying on you to be.  Anyway just love them more than anything in the whole world. 

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briana dale said...

now im starting to understand why im a mommie. thanks marni.