And all this because I heard a rooster crowing

If I didnt know any better I'd guess I live on a farm. There are roosters cockadoodeling every 17 seconds, I counted so thats exact. They got me up at 5 and Ive been lying here envisioning my life on a farm....

I'd like a farm, but wouldnt harm my animals. I want to have big property that my kids can grow up on. I imagine them playing in the yard, learning how to work hard. I wouldnt want them to be too isolated, but want them to know whats important-their family.

And the man Im with, Id like him to love his father in heaven and us. I can see myself with alot of boys. I want some of them to have Indian names, and I want to have long flowing hair, and a little art studio, I can go in to paint.

I want my home to radiate love and warmth and make it a little heaven on earth where the spirit will be strong and sweet. I want to just love life and nurture each child. And I want to have crab apples and a kern bush like Grandma Gladys had when she was growing up, I want my garden to be as lovely as hers too.

I want to have dogs that my kids and I will give baths to so they can jump up on our beds. And if my child wants to take up any art, I will support them 100%. I want to nurture the young paleontologists, author, doctor, astronaut artist, wood carver, carpenter, zookeeper. I want to be safe hands for them to hold and I want to know how to heal them when they get sick.

I would love a horse, that could eat our grass and the kids can take turns riding her or him. And I want to have a garden and all my children will help me plant seeds, and Ill teach them about Jesus and teach them everything I know.

I want my husbnad to be a good and honest man. And I want to make really good meals like pepperbellies, with all the taco fixings, with chilli and cheese and a big long picnic table so that all my children can fit. And I want to make homemade bread and bring loaves to my friends and neighbors. And other homemade things like honey, jam and salsa.

When my kids grow I want to spend one on one time with them and never be too busy to stop and listen. And we can have little cottontail rabbits and little pigs just for fun not for food, and little lambs.

And in the summertime Ill can peaches like my Grandma used to and make fresh cobbler. And Ill hand make special clothes for my children, like Birthday and Easter dresses. And for their birthdays Ill let them choose everything.

And I want to eat dinner together every night and say prayers together every morning and night, and have pictures up all over the walls of the generous acts and miracles Christ performed. And I want to display all my children's artwork and make them feel important.

And Ill tell them its okay to mess up sometimes and its okay to feel like you've failed, let them know I love them no matter what. And I want to make my home a place where they can bring their friends, and have lots of comfortable chairs and bar stools and a big kitchen so they can come home from school and talk about their days.

And I want my husband to kiss me when he leaves and when he comes home and I hope he is good at snuggling and doesn't mind animals. I want his hands to be the kind that work but that also use gentleness. I want him to be kind, humble and understanding, and maybe if he could play a few tunes on the guitar and love the arts.

And Ill take my little ones out for picnics outside and well look up at the clouds and think about what each one is. And Ill support their dreams and talk about what we want to be when we grow up. And Ill teach the girls how to sew, but also have them spend time with their dad so they will know how special they are and how boys should treat them. And in the evening Ill watch the sky change colors on the porch with one of those afghan things and sip tea and chat to my husband about our dreams and how were all doing.

And all this because I heard a rooster crowing.


alyssa said...

marni, this is beautiful. you know exactly what life is about, and it's so inspiring. I hope all of this is yours someday =)

Brooke Self said...

aww.. this is cute Marn!! Can't wait for it. Where will you live?.. Idaho?.. haha jk.

Mia said...

Hahah, Brooke, I laughed.

Nick n Jess said...

Marni, you are the sweetest spirit! Someday you will have all of that and more! Love and miss ya!

Matt said...

i love this and want this.