The dog days are ova!

For some reason I still haven't given up my childhood dream of being a singer or at least part of a cutting edge band. I was just thinking it is so extremely important to follow your childhood dreams. There is nothing like it. When I was little I made business cards saying Marni Vail: SINGER/Cat Specialist and passed them out. (This was before I had dogs) I no longer have the desire to be a cat vet but still love performing. Accidentally bossing everyone around, writing scripts, making movies, and even though I'm not Whitney Houston, I just love the thrill of singing and dancing. Positive energy is like a dog off leash, it will run ramped if you let it. My friends Hyrum and Dylan entered into the school talent show with me but there seemed to be much division in the group, over what song to do. We also lost a band member due to a mysterious illness, he suddenly got "sick" the day of, so the three of us finally got around to choreography a half hour before. We came close to doing beyonce all my single ladies at one point. Although our trio didn't exactly match the vision I had-fleets of people wearing head dresses and banging on drums, like the music video, we decided last minute to do the song,

Dylan accidentally waked me in the cheek with the broom stick that we were using as a flag. And then I flung my shoes off and they almost hit the judges, and then somehow I ripped Hyrum's Indian vest thing, not to mention, I didn't know most of the words, but that's something to note- it does not matter how good you are, really with anything, but what matters is that you do things with your whole heart. My roomie Linds said she was crying the whole time from laughing at Hyrum because he was going 100 miles per hou like the energizer bunny. We were trying to look like wild people but when I stepped onto the stage I heard someone yell "Pocahontas!"Wild always seems to turn into Indian for some reason. Behind the curtain I felt this negative vibe, because I think the organizer people were irked at us we were late, but once we got on stage all the bad looks melted away and it was all about having fun and being buck wild. So many people came up to us afterward said they wanted to come up and dance with us. Positive energy travels so fast I'm so sure of it, and it is much stronger than negative. After the talent show we, "the Village people" wanted to have a little after party, we went to Foodland but all the Melonas were sold out and kids were flooding the isles, so we went over to 711 and the boys got slurpies and I got a melona bar;) so delish. Its so funny to live in a small town because after every big event, pretty much the whole town gets out of the event and congregates all over the place. Dylan was practically crowd surfing at the grocery store.
For our after party all our phones were dead so we listened to Bill Nye the science guy and rolled up to 711 listening to 2pac. Sometimes some of the best memories are the ones when your just sitting in the car listening to music together. I just love my life, and my youth. Then we rolled up by the Laie park and made a little fort in the back of Dylan's truck and browsed through movies and finally ended up deciding to watch The Dark Night, to be honest it didn't really move me. I really like to be moved by movies and challenged to think in a new way, but this one was just about creepiness, but anyway it was alot of fun just being samwitched in the back of the flat bed, eating snacks. I'm so grateful for the richness of my life. So as I'm coming to a close here and I start thinking, well what next, shall I try to get famous? Start an edgy clothing line? Go to film school? I just don't know. Going to school for four years kind of feels like walking on a tight rope with my head pointed down towards my feet. I'm trying so hard not to fall off, its like Ive reached the other side, and now I'm just standing high on this platform shocked. I sort of want to be a kid forever. Anway don't desert your ideals or your dreams no matter what. Always do whats in your heart... Im going to work on these next... 1. paint beautiful portraits of people I love 2. learn the drums and xylophone 3. sing awesome 4. spend lots of time with my niece and nephew 5. surf 6. LOVE really big 7. travel 8. be an international reporter/teacher 9. read lots of books 10. have a garden, or at least potted plants for now :) 11. be physically fit! 12. skate 13. make movies 14. give myself to adventure


Cody said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! I just made my list of 100... it's a hundred things you want to do. Not just before you die but a continual list of 100. Once you cross something off your list, you add one more thing to the bottom of the list. So you always have 100 things you want to do!

Clark said...

I'm so sad I was on the mainland and missed this. At least I was able to see the video. You are so funny and fantastic Marni!

Ali said...

Marni your performance was the best! I was so proud to be your friend! Seriously. it was amazing, and by far my favorite! I think you should definitely perform again soon.

Amy Hanson said...

marni i just found your blog & love reading it.. i don't know you very well but i always loved seeing you at school because you are always SO happy & smiley!! i want to be more like you.
and i wish i could have seen your performance, haha. it sounds like a riot.

Brooke Self said...

one word--hilar!
You and your friends are absolutely buck!
I LOVED it though. That song is great too. :)

Brooke Self said...

Okay sorry, this was too good, I had to comment again. Probably your best performance yet!

Matt said...

I am still in love with your 2007 rendition of Whitney's "i wanna dance with somebody." BUT this is AMAZING! you are my ultimate favorite marnstar.