Coco Bean is Born!

Dear world,

Baby Coco is beautiful : )
The day finally came, and I'm an Auntie again.

My sister Momi and her husband Seth gave birth to the Coco bean a little over two weeks ago.
Ive been so busy with moving, being an auntie, getting in a car accident, getting sick, hosting my family, taking finals, relocating and job hunting that Ive neglected to announce her special birth.

We think she looks like an old Eskimo lady, and she must be wise like one too. She has a tender little heart but I know she will be strong just like her brother. Sol is the best big brother, hes always saying "hold it? and hungee?" Tring to diagnose her cries. Coco loves the outdoors and is such a people person- always very insistant that someone is constantly holding her.

After watching Momi have her, I have to say the pain of childbirth is not something I look forward to, but its interesting to think that all things of truly great worth come with an element of struggle.

The beautiful view from a mountain after a rough climb, the great grade that results after you stay up all night writing a paper, your healthy body after weeks of training.

Even Joseph Smith said, that "a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things, never has the power sufficient to produce the faith necessary for salvation". All things of true worth are never attained with ease, they seem to come attached with a tag - "sweat, blood and tears" or some sort of growing pains. This seems to be the universal law of Heaven and on Earth, but it all seems to be worth it in the end.


Meagan said...

Momi and Seth have such beautiful babies!

Matt said...

congrats marni! and to your sister/bro in-law too, of course. cutest little nuggets. hope finals went well!

Nathan said...

Marni! Baby Coco the little eskimo is amazing, congratulations! Its been way too long since we've talked!

Moni & Paul said...


PLEASE tell momi i miss her and send my love!!! I LOVE THE Eskimo laday! I wish i could hold her.. so good - keep the updates coming please!

Moni & Paul said...

I meant to say MARNI - not MOMI on the first part!! buahah sorry

Ashley and Andy B said...

Hey Marni, It's the Brown's. Beautifully said. I'm glad you posted some pics, I've been dying to see this precious little coco girl. She is gorgeous! Tell Momi and the rest of the family hi. We love and miss you guys!