Biggest shock of our lives

It was late at night and Kathleen and I were having a great time chatting away on our twin beds.

Procrastinating everything we thought the only thing that could make this night better is if we ordered pizza. So we call security to ask them for help and they tell us the phone number, we call the phone number, its completely not in English. So we run upstairs to the security office. The security guards are so so nice and really funny and great. They are always completely going above and beyond the call of duty and they don’t just make us safe they do everything for us and are always teasing us. One of them, Murad has a twin who works in an antique shop in the old city. Whenever we see him in the antique shop hes always saying, "I'm not Murad, Im Mustafa" but it only occurred to us this week that he doesn't really have a twin, and he just works two jobs and poses as his twin, and hes really just teasing.

Our favorite security guard Hadar loves snorkeling and is always excited about life. He used to work for the U.N but it was kind of dangerous and he couldn't be with his family, so now he works here.

So we run to security and we say "hey can you order us a pizza?" They just talk on the phone to the pizza place in Hebrew and we simply inject that we want a veggie pizza, since Kathleen and I are both loose vegans. So they said okay it usually takes 20 or 30 minutes. So we hang out for a little while impatiently, then we dash up to pick up our pizza. We talk to security guards a little more. Its 11 30 by the time its arriving. Hadar's the one that opens the gate for us and protects us while we get our pizza. And the pizza arrives on a motor cycle which was really cool.

Building up the suspense. Okay so we get the pizza, it smells awesome by the way. Were offering it to all the security guards "hey do you want a slice?" "Hey want a slice?" Turns out everyones full. So we run downstairs the stairs, say a blessing and fling open the cover..... A corn pizza! A mouthful of corn in every bite, not to mention heavy on the green olives, barely any sauce, strictly corn! Kathleen recounting the experience said, "Never been so surprised in my life."

We managed to get rid of all of it. First we ate one slice each, then asked each other, "hey do you want any more?" I suggested we save it for tomorrow but Kathleen insisted it would not do well in our room which we have been keeping at a comfortable 82 degrees on account of its winter time now. So we decided to just go eat some more. After 3 slices each we discovered its pretty good if you take the corn off. It also had green olives, some mushroom and bell pepper, but mostly corn. Kathleen looking at the box said that every vegetable was pictured but corn-the main ingredient. The crust was great though. And we got 3 other people to eat a slice for us and we were done. Did I mention it was 20$?

Kathleen and I were imagining gourmet pizza with black olives rich with mozzarella cheese. Always ask what toppings your getting, never assume! But in the end it was a great and hilarious experience!


Brooke Self said...

this story is so hilar! apparently corn is very common on pizza in Norway Tor says..- glad u could find a loose vegan counterpart

Matt said...

corn was the main pizza topping in the dominican republic and bolivia too. maybe americans are the weird ones! when did you stop eating meat?!

Josh, Hayley, and Baby Channing said...

Marni!!! I just love you so so much!! You are so beautiful! We miss you tons!