Painting at Yonahs

I met this darling man Yonah one day in the old city. He has this awesome art shop with all these pictures of the old city. He was painting when I first met him so I started asking him about it. Then he asked me if I painted and when I told him yes he invited me to paint in his store. He said that when there are artists painting in the store it brings in more customers. So the next day I came and he was completely darling, he set up a canvas and set out all the paints and brushes all ready to go.

So Ive been going there to paint and he is the nicest man. He just lets me paint for as long as I want and the most interesting workers are there. The first day I met his brother who looks dead on of santa clause. All day he kept slipping us almonds and kept mentioning that I would be perfect for his 33 year old son.

I couldn decide what to paint, but the people here have been what has affected me the most. They always make me happy wherever I go and are always being darling walking hand in hand in the street.

My friends that come with me are all so darling doing their own art or helping model.

My friend Josh was helpful modeling his great smile.

I got the kids finished, but cant decide what to do for the background. I dont want to create a division between them by painting in the Dome of the Rock or Western Wall so its at a stand still for now. One more time and I hopefully will finish!

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