Jordan was such a beauiful country! Everyone is extremely friendly and you can feel more peace between people. Petra, the ancient city built entirely out of rock was beautiful! Conditions were very dusty though, some people who were wearing white shirts in the morning, came home with brown ones. While at Petra I thought by looking at the explosions of color on the stone, “how could there not be a divine creator?”

You can see Heavenly Fathers artistic style, in the rolling mountains, crashing waves, in the rocks, and even looking into the brown eyes of a camel, what a wonderful creature!

This was carved I think in 100 BC out of the mountain! So incredible!

We met many Bedouin people who used to live in the caves at Petra (some were told to move out I think to make way for tourists. A little rude!) I secretly want to be a bedouin!

This darling little boy was selling rocks and hes only 3! I was sad for him when I first saw him, but he totally made my day as I got to play with him for a little while. He was so precious.

Walking through I kept thinking of all the people who have walked the same road. The rock was red, purple, yellow; Oats asked me if I thought the desert was Heavenly Fathers favorite landscape since he made Utah mountainous and dry as well. Im not sure but its an interesting thought.

I missed my wonderful family in Jordan. As I grow up I try to miss people less and less and try to savour the moment but I couldn’t help it. All our bus drivers, cab drivers, police officers, all the small talk I make with them is always asking about their families. I usually share to everyone that Momi is a regular Martha Stewart, incredibly kind and supportive, Monica is so social, very sweet, Maya is artistic and very caring, and my parents are super darling. This trip has felt like one big family vacation, but makes me want to plan some with my own family!

The value of seeing how others live is so immeasurable. I want to be like Middle Eastern people incredibly welcoming, generous, friendly, kind, happy, they all seem to be in good spirits.

In Amman we went to this place called Jerash-an odd phenomenon being in Jordan, in a Roman amphitheater, listening to bagpipes. I asked the bagpipe players how their national song was played with bagpipes and they told me it was because the British had ruled them. Then we watched all these men reinact what it was like during the ruling of the Romans. I could have never lived back then when fighting was entertainment.
This little darling was taking a nap in the resturant, I decided to join in.

On our last day in Jordan we went to a Mosque where all of the girls had to wear black cloaks that looked like Snape from Harry Potter. It was pretty cool. I really love and respect the Muslim people. They pray 5 times a day and are just so wonderful!

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Matt said...

i'm glad you loved jordan! it is definitely one of my favorite spots in the world. your trip seems like it's getting better and better