happy halloween!

What a blustery few days it has been! The wind has literally been howling. Flinging doors open and sweeping dried leaves to and fro, throughout the building. Though I dont like the cold, being there is something so wonderful about the cold air, it always seems to whisper, “Christmas time is here!” under its breath.

The holidays were kicked off to a great start! I didn’t know what to do as supplies are limited here for Halloween costumes. I was rummaging through the recycling bins, and borrowing things here and there to try to put my costume together.

I thought this was unique to the season!
Cultural misunderstandings were definitely flying through the air as I tried to explain to the custodians that I was going to “BE” the dome of the rock. I struggled as they said, “yes you want to go there? You have to put like this.” motioning that I had to cover my shoulders to my wrists. It was very confusing. But it was so much fun and everyone had the most creative costumes.

Kathleen was a genious comming as a mummified pharo. Her facial expressions were spot on.

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Matt said...

oh my goodness, marni!! the dome costume is nothing short of GENIUS! i love it