Stopping to smell the roses

Dearest family,
Today was a day of smelling the roses.  Right now is rose season in Japan and lately we're rushing around a lot but we always try to stop and smell the roses at least when we are on foot.   Our good friend Sister Nakayasu (she is from Brasil) took us to this enchanted botanical garden today for Pday.  We even ran into a toucan and some cute love birds in the tropical greenhouse.  I want some tropical love birds I decided.  Heavenly Father has made so many beautiful creations for us.  It is so nice to slow down and enjoy them!
We have been trying to help the Nakayasu kyoudai who was just was baptized last year, get the Priesthood so he can baptize their son Kevin next month.  Last night we went to their house and were teaching about the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy and about paying tithing.  Little Kevin who is only seven years old, in the middle of our lesson grabs his piggy bank and runs to his mom with his handful of change so he can pay tithing right away.  I love their family.  Especially the children are so righteous.  I feel like with the world going as it is, the children of the church will become more and more righteous and strong.  I feel very proud of them, and to watch these little ones lead by example. 
We have been teaching Hayakawa-san, our 61 year old friend, and he needs just a little more time it seems before he is baptized.  He is such a character though.  He was showing us how he can do karate back kicks and gave us some cream made from Ostrich eggs that apparently is going to be the next big seller. 
We are being so blessed everyday. I have to make this quick but just want to say I love being a missionary.  My favorite part about being a missionary is hearing someone pray for the first time.  I was thinking this week while listening to Hayakawa-san's prayer how much joy our Heavenly Father must feel when he hears one of his children talk to him for the first time in 61 years.  It is probably my favorite thing of all. 
Well today was beautiful.  I love Nippon! 
lots of love

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