sacrua and ken the kiseki!

Aloha wonderful family,
Spring is definitly here and I am loving it!  The Sacura or Cherry Blossom trees are all in bloom and it is a great time to be alive.  
 One of my best friends Kentarokun is amazing and full of faith.  We met him about 4 weeks ago and he is going to be baptized on Sunday. I feel like there are certain people I was supposed to meet on my misison and he is definitly one of them!  When we invited him to church a few weeks ago, he hasnt missed a Sunday since and we meet with him several times a week.  Yesterday I felt like I wanted to bear my testimony during sacrament meeting so I asked Kentaroh if he would want to bear his testimony with me.  I wrote him a small note asking him, and he said "you bet" and followed me up to the front. He bore his wonderful testimony about how he has started comming to church and reading the Book of Mormon and although he hasn't read the whole thing yet he feels he can think clearly now and grow closer to God by comming to church.
  We are so excited for him! He is amazing! We asked him about the Word of Wisdom this week and how it has been giving up coffe and he said "I forgot to drink it". He has so much courage.  His prayers are so wonderul, he always says "Dear Heavenly Father, I am greatful I could study you again, I am greatful for my teachers..."  I love being a teacher, it is the greatest joy ever!!  Watching these precious spirits come to know their Heavenly Father is such an honor and I want to live worthily all my life to be a missionary.
This week we had a gyoza party with Ken this week and invited some ward members to get to know him and afterwards had a lesson on tithing, the sabbath day, and fasting.   Yesterday when we asked him about  fasting he said "I haven't had anything ot eat all day". Last night we asked him if there was anything he was worried about that we could fast with him for, to fast with a purpose and he told us that in October of 2012 he was diagnosed with an incurable disease. He said that the doctors here don't know how to treat it, some type of intestine disease that could turn into cancer so ever since he has been worried about it. Today we all fasted with him for comfort. In his testinomy today he talked about finding out he has this disease and then just last month when he decided to come to English class and started talking with us he has felt peace. This made me feel so happy. I found myself last night wishing I was a doctor that could help him find a cure to treat whatever he has, but I realize now that just being a missinoary and inviting him to come to Christ is doing something for his eternal health. This is a great blessing to be apart of watching one of Heavenly Fathers precious children come closer to him.  I am so proud of him. Yesterday after he bore his testimony I felt my heart just brimming over with love for him and I felt so proud of him.  Anyway this week was full of miracles. 
We also went out with a family that we are trying to work to get to the temple, their father is a new member, the Nakayasu Family, we took out these four person bikes with my favorite kids Rieka and Kevin, and had a blast.  There is so much I want to share but so little time.
I love my new companion Sister Hunsaker, she is only 19 and has a powerful testimony.  It is fun having 3 of us and I feel like with all of our stengths working together we will see alot of success together.  I love everyday of my mission, and I love most seeing peoples lives change. I want to be a missioary forever.
Love life
love marni

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