Elder Nelson's visit

Hi wonderful family,
This week was really special.  Russel M Nelson and his wife came and spoke to our mission on Friday. It was incredible! They arrived 20 minutes earlier than expected because he wanted to shake all of our hands. I'm reading right now in 3 Nephi about when Christ comes to visit and he invites the people one by one to come and touch his hands and his side.  I couldn't help but  feel like I was a part of that scene only with Elder Nelson. He was so full of love for each of us. I felt his spirit and knew he was exactly who he said he was, an apostle of the Lord.  I couldn't hold back tears just watching each missionary walk up to Elder Nelson and humbly look him in the eyes and shake his hand and say their name. I just felt so blessed to be apart of it all.  I was sitting in the second row next to the wall because I was in the missionary choir.  Duringte start of the meeting I saw Elder Nelson look over at me and we smiled at each other and I couldn't help but think of the Savior and something I read this week "And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him and his countenance did smile upon them" I like how it says he smiled upon them. His visit was really special and I felt the spirit tell me he really is one of the 12 witnesses of Christ.
Sister Nelson also spoke to us and one thing that I liked was she talked about the movie Groundhog Day. She said she loves that movie because the man finds out there is "no such thing as an ordinary day. There are people to help and talents to develop". She said "it is a miracle every day to be given one more moment." It made me really think about how quickly my time is going by here in Japan and to savor it.

I loved how with President Nelson you could really tell he was a doctor. He related things to the body and recognized how we were all unique and how every spirit is different we all have a different timbre to our voice. He said when teaching people about the spirit, tell them to pay attention to what their body does. For tips on Dendo in Japan, he encouraged us to ask people whenever they tell us they are "too busy" to hear the gospel, to ask them "do you have time to eat? How about feeding your spirit just a little bit. And prepare for the next life. He also said one of the best ways into the Japanese hearts is to ask THEM for help. Anyway there was so much he taught us, I tried to take notes but the spirit was just amazing I just wanted to record it in my heart. 
We are having great success in Utusnomiya.  We are finding great families to teach.  Yesterday after church we met a family  eating spaghetti outisde taking a break from cleaning. We started chatting and sat down on their porch and taught the restoration. The mother Rosemary was very interested and told us how she knows God is there and she kept saying "I haven't been to your church yet" and even her husband kept inviting us back when we left. She has been out of work and just found out she is pregnant and I really feel she is someone who needs this gospel in her life. 
I love my life here! I miss each of you but feel we are closer then ever.  

there is a tradition in Japan that at the beginning of the year you eat these strange beans. You eat the number of beans for your age.  I had a nice 5x5 row that I ate for good luck. Oh yes and also a few Pdaysago I found some paints in a dollar store and thought it might be a nice way to relax on Pdays, I started painting the Hawaiian mountains that I miss and the Laie temple, I'm going to get back to it now!   I love you all!!


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