Last week in Nakano???

Hi family,
This week was beautiful!  It's starting to slowly warm up here.  Time is flying by so fast!  It's scary!  It's already transfer week! Friday I find out if I move or not.  I've been in Nakano for 6 months now so it feels like home.  Either way it will be alright. But if I do move it will be kind of sad to leave all these sweet people. 
This week one of my friends from Kichijoji, my old area, we got to see.  I have seen her a few times since I've transfered which is nice Tokyo is such a compact place, it makes it easy to keep in touch.  She bought me tickets to this anime museum called Jiblee NoMori for my birthday last month.  But since all the trains were all down for our Pday when it snowed we went this week instead.  It was so great to see them.  Ayanachan is 10 and Youchan, her mom, is hilarious.  She is the one who always calls herself my Japanese mother.  She is so nice. She also gave me this cheetah coat for my birthday, which I kind of feel like Cruela Divil, but I like it.  
We had such a miracle this week.  We were just doing our weekly planning and then this woman calls us out of nowhere, and says "do you remember me?  You two Americans talked to me on the train a few months ago and so this is my number. I want to be friends!"  I couldn't seem to remember her but tonight we are going to meet her so that will be really good.  It made me really realize that every single person we meet and talk to on the street or on the train even if they don't seem interested right away, that you never know who will come back to you.
We went on exchanges this week wtih the Urayasu sisters.  Their area covers Tokyo Disneyland.  I could see the faint outline from the apartment window and the sisters said they sometimes can see the fireworks from there too.  Anyway I was so happy because I was with my friend Sister Facer who I was companions with for a little while.  She has huge blue eyes and a big heart.  In Urayasu we went to something called a "life class" taught by this new convert who said he could read energy.  It was pretty cool and he made lots of healthy food.  I swapped places with a sister who is barely 5 foot so her bike was a child's bike and I felt like my knees were up to my ears.  Took me back to my childhood.
We had Zone Conference this week and I really loved this that one of our Zone leaders, Elder Roberts, shared. He said, "Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, when fools perform and when mortal men lay hold on heaven.  Tomorrow is a snare and a delusion. Tomorrow is an imposter.  There is no tomorrow. Today is the day and it is a wonderful day....Today is the day the Lord hath made, rejoice and be glad in it...Life is a banquet with the most diverse assortment of good foods.  The trouble is that so many people invited to this banquet go away starving....Surrender to the moment, accept what is going on, make it okay and make the most of it".
Everything is going by so fast lately, I do just want to make the most of it! 
Love you all

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