Aug. 9, 2012

Today was awesome!
We went to this place that was like Sea World for P-day.  I literally thought to myself, "I am definitely my father's daughter, or my mother's daughter."  I was sitting in the front row, the "splash zone," tears were streaming down my face I was so happy to see the dolphins! We went with our sweet friend Sayakachan and the Chorrotachi (some elders) came too.  I had the time of my life!!!!!    Kai Shimai kept saying "kakoy oniechan!!"  which means "cool older brother!" every time the cool dolphin trainer would zoom past.  The dolphins were amazing, they were so cute and could do a variety of tricks that astounded us all.  In fact, we liked it so much we watched the dolphin show twice.  We sat in the splash zone once again.  There was this lady passing out towels to everyone. She was dressed like a flight attendant. 
We also went to the Obon Odori with our friends Haradason and her daughter Iyanachan. They are such a sweet family andHaradason insisted I wear her yukatta. It made me again want to cry bringing back all the memories of my childhood. 
I felt so blessed this week.  I learned a lot.  I read this yesterday and really think its true, "The cultivation of Christlike qualities is a demanding and relentless task- it is not for the seasonal worker or for those who will not stretch themselves again and again"  -  Spencer W. Kimball
I know when things are the most difficult we are being stretched the most.  The mission is so rewarding I love making friends!
Sorry this is so short, as always we have no time!!!


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