Week 5: Come to the Edge

Aloha,  Sweet Pea Family --- 
So today we went to the temple. It was wonderful.  I sat next to a woman from England and she was so kind to me and was making little comments here and there to me and looked at me with such kindness. When it was all over, she took my hand in hers and said "Goodbye sweetheart.  Have a wonderful mission."  I just felt so grateful to be here, and so comforted to know that all around me people are watching over and out for me.  That makes me feel not alone at all.
I listened to this talk by Elder Holland that touched me.  He talked about this little poem (kind of a conversation between Heavenly Father and us, his children) It goes like this...
"Come to the edge!  (Heavenly Father)
No.  We'll fall!
Come to the edge!
No we'll fall! 
Come to the edge!!
 He pushed us and we flew!
I know that that is so true.  That Heavenly Father meets us at the edge, after we have done everything we can do, and sometimes when if feels like we've exhausted all our strength, that's where he scoops us up and takes us to places we could never have dreamed of. 
Missionary life is fun.  I always worried this silly thing that I don't want to be a boring missionary.  How silly I was.  It's funny that we always have in mind who we want to be, but as I've been here, I've really been trying to be like clay.  If we are hard and set in our minds who we are, Heavenly Father can't always mold us into who he knows we can be. That can be difficult, but I know this is Heavenly Father's work and so it has to be carried out in his way.
I've been eating a lot for some reason.  I don't know why!  Maybe to catch up to the elders which is not good. I've been running everyday and getting up at 5:55 to do the kickboxing / Pilates classes. So maybe I'm constantly in that mindset / mode where you're like.. "yes I worked out twice.. I deserve this!!"  I'm trying to cut down and eat more salads, but I just love sampling all the different choices. 
My district and I are halfway done with the MTC!  Sister Rogers and I are the only Japanese speaking sisters in the whole MTC right now.  This next week we will get some of our own "Kohai."  If you remember, those are the "juniors"  that are heading out to Japan a few weeks after us.  It is still so funny to me how people here are considered "Veterans" at the MTC if they have been here a touch longer.  Being half way is both happy and sad for me.  I love the things I have learned here.  It really is like a spiritual Disneyland, like one of my friends said. But it will be so wonderful to join the people in Japan.
I had a wonderful experience this week.  I had this beautiful turquoise ring that I got in the Middle East which I loved and have worn for the past few years and this week I lost it playing volleyball outside.  You know how sand is. It just takes a few crumbs for a small thing to be buried. Anyway,  I felt it fly off as I served the ball and said "oh no my ring!"  And I started looking around everywhere in the sand and all the missionaries wouldn't continue playing and they dropped to the ground as well. 
I was really touched by the whole thing.  We were searching everywhere  and it was getting dark and there was one point I looked up and saw all these missionarieshunched over in front of me crawling around in the dirt searching for this little gem, literally like a needle in a hay stack and I just felt like, this is what we wil all be doing in just a few weeks, but for far greater and precious gems.  We will be searching for these precious people.  And it will take work and getting dirty and sometimes a lot of odds will be against us, but I felt honored to be a part of it all. 
This week we have this investigator Yoshi who we have been teaching for the whole four weeks and FINALLY he prayed.  It was so great and really taught me and Sister Rogers that we really are teaching to people not just spewing off information, "teaching lessons".  We also did TRC which I think stands for Training Resource something?  Anyway, this one lady came in. Her name was Hiroko and she was so darling.  She just reminded me so much of Mom. She was strong and gentle at the same time, a perfect balance, and of course,  I was crying just looking at her.  She was so sweet and shared with us her conversion story.  I felt the spirit so strong and promised myself that the same love I have for my mom and my family, I will have for the people of Japan because they are no different. 
Family,  I love you and am so grateful to be on this adventure. 
Daniela!  Congratulations. You and David are so awesome. Love you both!
Linds: A letter is coming your way.  Great job.  Your team looks great!
Momi:  I love you!!  Thank you for the package and I love that name!  Gambate ne!
Monica and Dad:  Hope you are taking care of each other while Mom's away.  Love you!
Maya:  I love you.  Hope you have a great spring semester!
Mommy:  Thank you for everything!  I think of you all the time here.  I love you

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